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  1. See, for me there are 2 reasons for this. First: I always get an urge to remake stuff from zero and entirely on my method of doing so. Antoher great example for this would be a pokemon-rpg im currently working on from time to time. Second: Im still pretty new to eroge, but i simply fell in love with it in that time. i liked hentai long before that, but to get to the point: the problem is, until now i couldnt find the right one for me. I've got a little special taste, so i actually consider it a struggle on my side. And one last reason that just came to my mind, im looking forward to the
  2. Im a programmer without any real background, but would love to try and make my own eroge - but since im not an artist myself im now looking for one this way. Of course voice actors would be nice too, but thats for later. I cant pay anyone and if the game is ever to be finished, i wont charge for it either. Now the game is supposed to be about ABDL (Adult Baby / Diaper Lover), and related to that with paraphilic infantilism. Furthermore i definitely want some lolicon in it, but its not exclusive. Everything beyond that is to be discussed with the people who want to work on the project, by
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