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  1. Hi im japanese. contact me if you have question about JP language. skype :xxx__xyz
  2. personally, I have no problem with adoption. but yes as you think, there are very few chance kids from orphanage can find home in japan. but they say child abuse in foster home is common in other countries like US. bloodline thing may be related. btw i Love you icon of Yokoshima from GS mikami.
  3. you are welcome! Please ask me whenever you have something to know!
  4. I didnt know him.... I think he is cheating.
  5. If you send me some souvenir from you country;)
  6. manga :One piece,Dragon ball, Ghost in the shell, 狂四郎2030 Visual novel : 1(Kikokugai The Cyber Slayer) best story line and music ever with cyber-pank atmosphere. the scripter of this game is the same person as Madoka-Magicka. this is his first mega-hit. here is my favorite BGM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yM_bvwQqmv0 2(Kuro no Danshou: The Literary Fragment) A master piece of detective story. murder,ancient magic,horror, mystery,and awesome Hentai scnenes! 3 Rance series. Anime :Evangelion,Gurren Lagann,Ghost in the shell -stand alone complex-.
  7. what is GoT? almost every one watch Sazae-san https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jn6PdaklzOs and animes of studio Ghibli (spirited away, laputa the castle in the sky etc) and ofcourse One piece, Dragon ball too. most of young girls watch lovelive! because of its game version for smart phone. sorry for my late answer. my notification alarm didnt work. hope my answer helps!
  8. It can be both. He is basically a hero but he is called "6th daemon". They say there are the ”the six daemons"in buddhism hell and 6th one is the strongest.something like the Satan. hare is image of the 6th daemon 他化自在天 – Takejijaiten | ç•°å½¢ 棺 - The Monster Casket These are some his daemonic behavior. -Killed all of women lived in his castle because some of them went to sight seeing while he was out of castle. -killed all of buddhists in his region to take control. -
  9. Which anime did you see?
  10. Japanese or not,you get weak when you are sick right? There is no point that the author/scriptwriter tells you "hey, this character gets cold. but he/she is completely OK" Everytime a character gets cold, it is supposed to be something unusual. Not every one of your birthday is dramatic. but if there is birthday on manga or anime, it is suppossed to be dramatic. so yeah that must be exaggerated.
  11. which show did you watch? basically i dont watch TV but i like this show:) Funny Japanese English Lesson (with subtitles) - Video Dailymotion
  12. sry i dont know. i can search for you if you let me know which institution you would like to go to.
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