• Reunion of Angel

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    Mai is having an awful day. She just got fired, and suddenly two guys show up claiming to be Angels of Death, saying that she's going to die in seven days.

    Not only that, but her soul will be destroyed completely, so she can't even be reincarnated.

    The Angels can't prevent her death, but they want to at least help save her soul. They lend her their supernatural powers so she can help people -- just like a superhero.

    But can Mai do enough good deeds in the next seven days to change her fate?

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    1. Just playing's Avatar
      Just playing -
      it's good that im into otome games. this needs more romance tho.
    1. nomad21's Avatar
      nomad21 -
      Thank You for sharing, Ivan!

      I can't get it to work though. When I run the game's executable, it reports a syntax error (Not caught during compile time?) -> I am running Windows 7 64bit with 4GB RAM and a ATI HD2400 Pro 128MB DDR2 on a Core2Duo E7200 2.53 gHz machine (Should be more than enough to run this VN based on the requirements listed on the developer's website). Any help that anyone can offer to get this to work would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
    1. itsweaterweather's Avatar
      itsweaterweather -
      Blog: Reunion of Angel Download

      You'll find the instructions to fix that here ^^
    1. nomad21's Avatar
      nomad21 -
      Thanks, itsweaterweather! Setting the language to Japanese for non-Unicode programs did the trick~!
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