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  1. Did monster girl ever get released ?? I stopped following for a while .
  2. time does really fly but bunny black 3 still dead
  3. Happy Birthday Senpai!

  4. is monster girl still ongoing or was it dropped ?
  5. is there a limit to how much i can download because part 4 keeps stopping after 140 mgb of downloading
  6. Just playing

    Taimanin Murasaki

    is this a rape fetish game ????
  7. Just playing

    Club Life

    love , here i come.
  8. hours and hours of pure happiness. gotta start downloading .
  9. does it have RPG elements or some of them ???
  10. Just playing

    Malus Code

    trap ??? hot springs ??? is this best game ???
  11. horror VNs are my favorite VNs
  12. Just playing

    Koihime Enbu

    will it have an adult patch later on ??
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