• Runaway City

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    Runaway City tells the story of Hiroaki, a boy with a mysterious power of Good Luck. It's almost as it some power makes women do whatever he wants. At first it's a great power to have, then as time goes by it scares him more and more. Unchecked, this power will be the destruction of all Japan. Can you find out the nature of your power and find a way to stop it before it goes too far?

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    1. Edyson's Avatar
      Edyson -
      mmmm i dont know how to start this game
    1. Maou's Avatar
      Maou -
      Please note you can only play these old Ms-Dos games on DosBox or D-fend for example.
      Obs: Runaway.bat runs the game
    1. GravitySpec's Avatar
      GravitySpec -
      holy shit, haven't played this in forever... may have to go through it again. >_>
    1. kmacroxs's Avatar
      kmacroxs -
      It won't let me play it. Why isn't it compatible with the 64-bit editions?
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