• Sandwiched by my wife and her sister

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    A couple who met in their high school years, married later on and are a having happy and adventurous sex life.
    A wife works as a manager of the restaurant who brings in the money, and her husband stays home taking care of household chores everyday.
    The young wife is adventurous, fun-loving and never turns her sexual advances down. There are peaceful days until the wife's sister, a college student, moves in.
    As their curiosity grows, there is a secret adventure developing between the husband and his sister-in-law living under the same roof. In the end, there is one amazing voyage awaiting them.
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      Just playing -
      must read

      i love anime MILFZZZ
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      napoleon -
      i think i meant to download this instead i got immoral with my wifes sister. what a gaff
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