• Sexy Demon Transformation!

    Extracting files from games. (Susie, xp3tools/crass)-sexy-demon-transformation-jpg

    My name is Yamato. I'm a genius sorcerer who kills ghosts.

    People exist in ignorance, thinking ghosts are harmless,
    and they condemn my job even though I work hard.
    On top of that, another sorceress stole my promotion!

    I'll show everyone. I'll take my rightful place, and
    put her and everyone in theirs with supernatural powers.

    Download "Sexy Demon Transformation!" game:

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    1. anchit3's Avatar
      anchit3 -
      Thank you!
    1. Kalmah850's Avatar
      Kalmah850 -
      I downloaded the game and extracted the files but when I start the game I get a security warning telling me that there's a back door Trojan in the files. I remove the Trojan and deleted the files but I want to ask if this will be fixed or if it's nothing I should be worried about?
    1. uchetil's Avatar
      uchetil -
      Download link for second file seems not to be working... tried twice and fails at just over 10 MB.
    1. kazemiya's Avatar
      kazemiya -
      Wwwwouughh.... Finally... Thank qiuuu very muccccch...
    1. spriggs's Avatar
      spriggs -
      main file not found
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