• Shards Of Eradine

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    The myth that the Goddess could be resurrected had been whispered on the dying breath of Malami, the last Great Nymph trainer. His faith in her resurrection passed to Cosmo, his wet yet loyal grandson, accompanied by his trusty sidekick Frea, a cheeky and hilarious nymph.

    Their quest, if successful, would restore the lands to their former glory. Beauty, passion and creativity would return to the realm, all considered distant memories of a time before she’d passed judgement on the wicked ways of man. Their journey will be filled with battles: they will meet exciting trainers during their quest and recruit some super sexy girls along the way.

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    1. Göffel's Avatar
      Göffel -
      TL;DR: avoid!

      this is the worst attempt at "game" I've come across in years. And I tried some games made by beginner amateurs.

      Maybe this isn't the "final product" that craptide tech tries to sell, but some early, EARLY, leaked version? Or some "annoy-version" that them craptide folks got out to annoy those who play a pirated specimen?
      That's the only ways in which this ... thing would make any sense.

      Who do I recommend this game to : whoever loves staring at a loading screen (and no, nothing fancy, just some logo). for minutes. and more minutes. And to then after one still made it through this mess-in-so-many-ways for a while to inevitably run into gamestopping bugs ...
      and to aspiring game designers, as an example of how to not do it.

      holy shit.

      ps - don't even think about "playing" this with gamepad.
    1. MADDEN569's Avatar
      MADDEN569 -
      Where to begin?

      First, the game itself is an okay concept; however it then quickly settles to the bottom of the barrel where it belongs. The bugs abound more than an ant nest, there are some game breaking bugs. For example, I raised the Bat up to level 14, and when you try to go to level 15 the game freezes. Not to mention all the trigger glitches, background roaming, and scenery clipping.

      Avoid this game at all costs. If you paid for it, and if it is this bad. I feel sorry for you all.
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