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  1. DxD battle game You would choose one of the girls and fight the other girls over Issei. (Streetfighter 2 like?) - Win fight : get prize (round1: date with Issei. round 2: date on beach. and so on.) - Loose fight: have to witness equivalent scene with Issei + other girl. main problem: no idea how to make available harem ending. :| -------------------- Kafun Shoujo, the MMOO. (2nd O is for orgy) -------------------- MGQ fandisc : no idea about the story, but would feature sex scene Alice with Ilias. with or without the shota guy, but if with then with more attractive lo
  2. maybe I need to change my avatar. problem is, everytime I see it, I feel the urge to listen (watch) it again: best ever!
  3. "Chuusotsu! 1st graduation" - that one sounds interesting. Could be good, could be horrible - but if someone(s) went to the trouble of translating it, I go by assumption it must be somewhat decent at least ... Then again, maybe I won't see it. While it is no problem finding ero-stuff, all-ages novels I have no idea where to find them. :| --------- uff, in the end I managed to delete double-post
  4. ah, good to hear. have fun. (i broke my glasses Friday evening, so atm. am very limited)
  5. Maybe to do with it being a RPGMaker game and your PC missing the necessary base files. (only once, then all the rpgmaker games of said type should run) There are several versions of RPGMaker, each needs their own base files. You can recognise them by the different structure/ content the game folder holds, and by the game's executable's icon. If it is a red dragon, then this Thank You For Downloading | Ace RTP | Create Your Own Game! If it is a chesspiece (unicorn-knight), then this: Thank You For Downloading | VX RTP | How To Make Video Games If it isn't / still does not start, p
  6. sorry, skrtge, all that I know you've already read it, I am sure. replay ImoPara. Load old save from Koihime Musou (loli/futa? i don't really remember well) Sonken spy twins. you're too adavanced to be helped by us "amateurs". :|
  7. Ah, ok, I was hoping so. Then I shall look forward to its release. +1 that it is all Infernoplex's fault. Infernoplex is ruining VNs. and anime. (sorry, could not resist. )
  8. I do not get it - is this the real/ full thing, or some "sequel" / other chapter or whatever? Am surprised that it is for windows platform.
  9. I don't have to wait 5 minutes, just ~2 I open a new tab in the background for each of the download parts, click free and click Free Download on each tab, fill in the captcha for the first two parts; and then still have to wait ~60sec. When the first part then downloads, after it downloaded roundabout 95MB, I can start downloading the next part - but never more than 2 downloads at once. Doing my downloads while I'm reading sth. else (footballl news, news, whatever) and every few minutes switching over to the download tabs makes it relaxed overall. I do sometimes get a "you have t
  10. I already had the impression that it was released a bit unfinished/ early, so this only fits.
  11. Errr ... the only time I heard about XInput it was about gamepads (probably also joysticks). Gamepads (joysticks) in windows use either XInput OR DirectInput (legacy), games will work with one of them but not with the other - maybe there are games that can handle both, I don't know. On my gamepad it has a little switch that I can choose either XInput or DirectInput, the latter mostly for older games. I usually keep it at DirectInput, because old games - and so far I think all Japanese games I played worked fine with this. The odd thing is that from the vndb page I do not get the impre
  12. "demon country of Saarland" LOL - gotta see that ...
  13. judging from the title extras menu, 8 scenes = 1 per girl , 16 cg all ages and 16 cg adult. and is required to play a memory of increasing difficulty =/= no relaxed play late evening ... no drinking play on a drinking game. no saving but autosave whenever time changes (1 slot only, if I got that right), no setting for textspeed, text a little bit on the small side - i need to focus on reading a bit too much that way, awful balance in volume of music, effects, voices - I have music at 003 out of 100!, you CAN use the gamepad to do mousebutton 1 effect, but nothing else, and no config di
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