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    The Tokiwa village is surrounded by the ocean and the mountains.
    Tokiwa, "never changing", the village was named. Even in this "never changing" village, the season is changing to summer.
    When the "no-name" girl ran through the village while ringing the little bell on her hat, the red strings of fate entangled……

    Hiroshi Inaba left home because he didn't want to be tied down with the old family tradition. When he heard his father has become seriously ill, he came back to his home village, Tokiwa village, on the star festival night. That's when he met the mysterious girl who was holding a black stuffed animal cat.

    Wearing black clothes and a black hat, the girl didn't remember her own name. However, as he spends more time with the girl and her stuffed animal cat, Archimedes who could understand what people are saying, her identity starts to become more clear. The special summer for Hiroshi has just begun.
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