• Swan Song Walkthrough

    1. "Do not rest."
    2. "I'll take something that can be used as a weapon."
    ( "Yeah, there's no need to worry too much." -> Bad End )
    3. "I think we should lock them up."
    4. "Go to the gym."
    5. "Search there before going to the gym."
    6. "Go in by myself."
    ("Wait for help here." -> Bad End)
    7. "Does that mean creating an organization like an army?"
    8. "No, I can't accept her."
    ("Go against my principle and accept Ryugeju." -> Bad End)
    9. "Act like a gentleman."
    ("Act like a beast." -> Bad End)
    Save Here
    10. "No pain, no gain."
    11. "It'll only get worse unless we talk to them."
    12. "No, I'll go too."
    13. "Attack with my spear."
    14. "Attack with my spear."
    15. "Attack with my spear."
    Normal End

    Load Saved Game
    10. "No pain, no gain."
    11. Select Tanomura's point of view
    12. "There are still things to do in this town."
    Good End
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