• Until We Meet Again

    how did you end up in the world of eroge-until-we-meet-again-jpg

    A short story. Black and white. Sparse drawings. Sparse music. Three characters. One smile.

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    1. Law-sama's Avatar
      Law-sama -
      twin tail
    1. pramit's Avatar
      pramit -
      pretty good.
    1. RedGlasses's Avatar
      RedGlasses -
      I cannot run this game. I'm very sad ('cause disappointed is a strong word) about it. The camera angles look glorious and the color scheme fit.

      Dunno about but I don't think that there will be odds in converting this game to 64-bit or can be run at Windows10 or anymore than that. I don't there will be odds of happening though. One thing that bothered me were the games Wanderers of the Sky and The Red Witch can be run regardless, despite being seemingly old.
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