• YU-NO - Walkthrough

    This walkthrough is intended to give pointers on the decisions to make in order
    to clear or 100% the game as efficiently as possible (i.e. with as little
    backtracking as needed). It's also intended to be spoiler-free, so it will only
    detail the actually important choices. Check the translated walkthrough image if
    you want a step-by-step guide through each location, but be prepared for initial
    confusion and (indirect) spoilers. Of course, if you want to get the most out of
    the game then don't use a walkthrough at all, just know that you'll likely be
    spending a lot of time backtracking and figuring stuff out by trial and error.

    How to read this guide
    Steps marked with a "-" are essential (some technically aren't, but are included
    because they cover essential plot-related details), steps marked with a "*" are
    only needed if you care about 100%-ing the game. They're still recommended as
    even some of the non-essential paths might reveal minor details about the plot
    (although often they serve no other purpose than to fill up the map). So in
    other words, if you want to 100% the game, follow all steps, otherwise just the
    "-" steps. Saves are marked as [Jewel-save #x], for easy reference (the number
    will refer to save number, not Jewel number - it doesn't matter which Jewel you
    pick). You leave Jewel-saves by clicking on one of the orbs of the Reflector in
    the bottom-right of the screen, and load them by clicking on the marks they
    leave behind on the map. As mentioned, this walkthrough only contains the actual
    branching points in the game. Whenever nothing is mentioned, this means that
    it's not possible to branch here - either it is made obvious in-game where you
    should go, or you should just wander around until you bump into
    someone/something, or you should click around until you can progress, or the
    choice just doesn't matter if there is one. The route order used is
    Mitsuki/Eriko -> Ayumi -> Mio -> Kanna/Kaori, which is the order we recommend as
    it (arguably) gives the most natural plot progression and never gets you stuck
    due to missing items.

    Notes before starting
    - Don't forget to watch and pay attention to the intro that plays when launching
    the game.
    - Throughout the main game, whenever you are talking to someone, you can show
    them your items to have them comment on them. Be careful though - show the
    wrong item to the wrong person and they might end up stealing it from you.
    - "First day" and "second day" refer to the two days _after_ the first night on
    which the main game begins.
    - Puzzle answers are not provided in this walkthrough. If you have trouble with
    any of them, check your gamefolder for solutions.
    - Due to the limited number of Jewels available, you can't use any more than
    specified in this walkthrough for at least the first two routes.


    - Linear. None of the choices you make here matter in the end. Just keep going
    until you enter the main game (you'll notice that it's started when the
    interface changes and becomes point-and-click).

    Mitsuki/Eriko route
    - Leave [Jewel-save #1] the first time you get back to your room at night.
    Choose NOT to read the documents when prompted the first time after repeatedly
    (7 times) checking your desk. Reload [Jewel-save #1] right after and read
    them. To progress, check the phone on your desk, then the clock on the
    windowsill on the left (remember this, you'll need to do it often).

    - The first time you get to the main hall of school is a route-deciding branch.
    Go directly upstairs and to the rooftop to stay on Mitsuki's route. Go to the
    infirmary right after that.

    * Leave [Jewel-save #2] after meeting Kaori (green-haired girl) in front of your

    - Go to Ayumi's room after having met Kaori in front of your house. (If you
    haven't met Eriko in the infirmary yet, then you need to do this first before
    you can trigger the event.)

    * After the event in Ayumi's room, go to the mansion in front of school. Load
    [Jewel-save #2] after Kaori leaves and go to your own room instead (first
    meeting Eriko again if you hadn't), then go directly to the infirmary and
    check out the clothes, then to the second floor, then to the mansion. Leave
    [Jewel-save #3] after Kaori leaves and go to the rooftop of school, then back
    to the school gate. Reload [Jewel-save #3] and leave [Jewel-save #4]
    immediately after. Go to Triangle Mountain and back to the coast. Then reload
    [Jewel-save #4] and go to Geo Technics (company at the coast).

    * Leave [Jewel-save #5] after you've met Mio and Yuuki in the central district
    at night, and go to the park (take a left to the heights, then the park is on
    the bottom-left). Return to your house and check the TV. Reload
    [Jewel-save #5] after the event, and go to the cafe instead.

    - When prompted, choose not to give the key.

    - The first time you get to outside the storehouse of the mansion on the second
    day, leave [Jewel-save #6], enter the storehouse with the key, look around
    until you can leave again, then head straight to the well (i.e. don't click
    around too much). Make sure you check inside the well first, then click around
    until Mitsuki arrives. After the event, reload [Jewel-save #6] and immediately
    leave [Jewel-save #7]. This time click around without entering the storehouse.

    * In the infirmary with Mitsuki at night, leave [Jewel-save #8] after the
    telephone event and continue without using any items. Once you reach the end
    (you'll know by the E mark on the map), reload [Jewel-save #8].

    - Use the wooden sword after the telephone event in the infirmary.

    - Leave [Jewel-save #9] when you get to the mansion garden, then go to the
    mansion living room and check the tapestry a few times. After you've been
    warped away, load [Jewel-save #7] from earlier and go into the storehouse.
    Leave [Jewel-save #10] in here. Check stuff inside the storehouse until you
    get locked in (don't forget to check the hoe, which is easily missed). Pick
    up the rope from the wall and check the surroundings some more (primarily:
    the exit, the latch on the metal door and the small window). Once you're back
    outside after the events, reload [Jewel-save #10].

    * Leave [Jewel-save #11] in the storehouse immediately after the previous step.
    (Note that this Jewel needs to be left here until Mio's route.)

    - Leave the storehouse and head straight to the well. Use the rope here to get
    the item, then click around until Mitsuki arrives. After the event, load
    [Jewel-save #9] and go into the storehouse.

    * Leave [Jewel-save #12] once you're in the storehouse, continue, and give
    nonsense answers when prompted. Reload [Jewel-save #12] once you've reached
    the end.

    - Give enough correct answers when prompted (they should be fairly obvious).

    Ayumi route
    - The first time you get to the main hall of school, go to the infirmary.

    - After meeting Toyotomi at the coast, go to Triangle Mountain.

    - After meeting Kaori at Geo Technics, go to Triangle Mountain.

    - Pick up the document from the bushes after the event where you bump into Ayumi
    at Geo Technics (if you hadn't already).

    * Leave [Jewel-save #13] after running into Yuuki in the main hall of school.

    - After running into Yuuki in the main hall, head to the lab. Leave
    [Jewel-save #14] here, continue without giving anything.

    * Reload [Jewel-save #13] when you're back out of the lab, immediately leave
    [Jewel-save #15] and go outside. Reload [Jewel-save #15] after the event and
    go to the infirmary.

    * Leave [Jewel-save #16] after running into Kanna at the coast at night. Go to
    school, choose to escort Mio when prompted. From the heights go to Mio's house
    (on the right side of the screen). Reload [Jewel-save #16] in Mio's room and
    leave [Jewel-save #17] immediately after. Escort Mio again and go to the park
    this time. Reload [Jewel-save #17] the first chance you get and leave
    [Jewel-save #18] right after. Choose to go in Yuuki's place and go to the lab
    at school. Reload [Jewel-save #18].

    - Choose to go in Yuuki's place when prompted and go to the infirmary.

    - Leave [Jewel-save #19] when talking to the guard at Geo Technics for the
    second time on the second day. Keep trying to walk in without using items
    until the guard leaves, then go to Triangle Mountain. Reload [Jewel-save #19]
    after the events here.

    * Leave [Jewel-save #20] directly following the above and repeat the same steps.
    Reload [Jewel-save #20] once you reach the end.

    - Show the guard the magnetic card.

    - Choose not to give anything to Ayumi when prompted.

    * Leave [Jewel-save #21] after the call from the company in the living room,
    then go to Geo Technics. Reload [Jewel-save #21] when you arrive (no need to
    trigger any events yet).

    - Go to the central district after the call from the company in the living room.

    * When talking to Kaori in front of Geo Technics, leave [Jewel-save #22] and
    continue without giving the document. Reload [Jewel-save #22] once she's left.

    - Give Kaori the document in front of Geo Technics.

    - Leave [Jewel-save #23] during the event in the living room at home, continue
    until the end. Reload [Jewel-save #23] and use the item you just got.

    Mio route
    - Load [Jewel-save #14] and give Mio the notebook.

    * After running into Ryuuzouji and Kaori on the second floor of school, leave
    [Jewel-save #24] and go to the infirmary, then to the cafe. After you've sat
    down at the table, reload [Jewel-save #24] and go directly to the cafe.

    - Leave [Jewel-save #25] when Takuya tells you to (on the second day at Triangle
    Mountain at night).

    - Pick Yuuki when prompted (hint: while advancing through the tunnels, pay close
    attention to the walls).

    - Be sure to obtain the stone disk from the last gate.

    * Leave [Jewel-save #26] after obtaining the stone disk.

    - Use the silver medal at the last gate and choose to stay when prompted.

    * When you reach the end, load [Jewel-save #11] (the one on the top path of the
    map), immediately leave [Jewel-save #27], click around until you get locked
    in, take the rope (for some reason it's impossible to take the rope earlier).
    Reload [Jewel-save #27], head straight to the well and use the rope on the
    well. Reload [Jewel-save #26], use the silver medal and choose to go together.

    - Load [Jewel-save #25] after reaching the end.

    * Leave [Jewel-save #28] directly following the above, pick Mitsuki when
    prompted and continue in the same way as with Yuuki until the puzzle room
    (don't use the stone disk), then reload [Jewel-save #28] (since you won't be
    able to open the map, you'll have to return to menu and choose "restart with
    current map and items" first).

    - Pick Mitsuki when prompted. Use the stone disk on the first gate before
    opening it and continue until the end.

    Kanna/Kaori route
    - The first time you get to the main hall of school, go back outside, then back
    to the main hall and to the lab on the second floor.

    - Give Kanna the notebook when you meet her on the roof.

    * From the roof, go to the infirmary, then to outside your house, then go talk
    to the guard at Geo Technics. Leave [Jewel-save #29] here, then go to outside
    your house, then to the main hall of school, then to Triangle Mountain and
    back to the coast. Reload [Jewel-save #29]. Now go to the second floor of
    school (don't pass by your house), and back to the main hall. Leave
    [Jewel-save #30] here, go to the roof and then to Triangle Mountain. Reload
    [Jewel-save #30] and go to Geo Technics.

    * Leave [Jewel-save #31] when you hear a siren outside your house at night
    (after obtaining the medicine). Go to the city and continue for a while (if
    you get stuck on the second day, don't forget to talk to the workers at the
    coast and/or the students in the main hall of the school).

    * Leave [Jewel-save #32] after the ero scene. Reload [Jewel-save #31] once
    you've reached the end (hint if you get stuck: check the nose).

    - Go to the coast when you hear a siren outside your house at night (after
    obtaining the medicine).

    * Leave [Jewel-save #33] when you're back in front of your house, then go to the
    city, then to Kanna's room. Reload [Jewel-save #33].

    - Go to your room when you're back in front of your house.

    * Leave [Jewel-save #34] while talking to Kaori at the heights. Continue, choose
    to talk to Houjou when prompted back in the city and go to Kanna's room
    afterward. Reload [Jewel-save #34].

    - Choose to follow Kaori when prompted and continue on (if you've been following
    the *'s, you can safely skip through the scenes with Kanna at night and the
    entire daytime part of the second day since it's pretty much identical to what
    you've already been through. Again, if you get stuck on the second day, make
    sure you've talked to the workers at the coast and/or the students in the main
    hall of the school).

    * When evening sets in after meeting Kanna the second time in the park, leave
    [Jewel-save #35]. Go to the coast, then to the cafe, then reload
    [Jewel-save #35] (no need to do anything at the cafe).

    - Go directly to the cafe when evening sets in.

    - Leave [Jewel-save #36] when in the hotel room. Give the blue card when asked.

    - Leave [Jewel-save #37] in the hallway inside Geo Technics. Go into Ayumi's
    office on the left and reload [Jewel-save #37] once you've reached the end.

    - Keep waiting (looking around) in the hall at Geo Technics without going into
    the office. Once in the lab, first find the Jewel behind the projector screen.

    * Leave [Jewel-save #38] in the lab. Choose not to take the stone when prompted.
    Continue until the end, reload [Jewel-save #38] and immediately leave
    [Jewel-save #39]. Choose to take the stone yourself, then to hand it over.
    Reload [Jewel-save #39].

    - Choose to take the stone, then to keep it. Reload [Jewel-save #36] after
    reaching the end. Don't give the blue card to Kaori (you shouldn't have it
    anymore anyway), then go to the cafe. Continue until after the ero scene (if
    you've been following the *'s, you've already been through this and can load
    [Jewel-save #32] to save some time). Use the stone you just obtained here.

    Path to epilogue
    - Go to the study the first time you get to your house, find the last Jewel
    (hint: check the "notes before starting" again) and read the memorandum, then
    head to Triangle Mountain with all Jewels inside the Reflector.

    - Linear. Just enjoy the ride until the end credits (hint if you get stuck in
    the final room: check the map).

    New game+
    - You can access short character endings for Ayumi, Mio and Kanna now. You'll be
    asked to enter them when reaching their good endings (check the walkthrough
    image for specific locations).

    * If you've followed all the *'s, you should have 98% now; what's left is to
    traverse some paths that were blocked previously (character endings aren't
    needed for 100%). Start the game again, go to the study first, then to your
    own room. The first time you're in the main hall of school the sequence is as
    follows: infirmary -> lab -> Geo Technics -> study -> main hall -> home -> Geo
    Technics -> infirmary. You should now have 100%. Now you can restart the game
    and go directly to school on the first night for a funny scene and access to
    the music room.
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