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    This story takes place in a company, called 'Anaheim Electronics'.It is a love story about the people of OL.The heroine without any experience in love,'Saotome Rinne'.This is her first time experiencing love. That is, "girl's love".

    Please look forward to Cirle Fanna's innovative SF Adventure!

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    1. Just playing's Avatar
      Just playing -
      i simply love yuri

      must see
    1. Exsilon's Avatar
      Exsilon -
      Anaheim, is it have something to do with Gundam series
      hmm I wonder, I wonder...
    1. Good Gaming's Avatar
      Good Gaming -
      I'm new to this site and was just looking for a bit of help. I have the files downloaded, burned onto a cd then installed but the game keeps crashing when I hit start at the main menu. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
    1. RWBYuri's Avatar
      RWBYuri -
      i just love yuri :"3 is so cute xD
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