• Become Tentacle, Attack the Castle and Impregnate the Girls

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    The long-awaited MATING SEASON is here!

    Enticed by the scent of hormonal women the tentacle monster has returned once again.

    The hunting ground this year for newly estrum-wet ladies is the "Castle"

    Wriggle your way through the gates and spawn your seed inside the ready holes of every woman in reach.

    Impregnate! Multiply! Create little squirming tentacle babies!

    * Become the Tentacles is a direct character controllable 2D action game.

    Break through the castle defenses.
    Impregnate the womb of every woman to win!
    Obliterate the annoying men who get in your way.

    The Castle is a monster's paradise!
    Let's turn it into one big happy family.

    * Sequel to "Shokushu" with powered up everything!
    Strike down free-moving enemies!
    Wield magical powers and ring powers in battle.
    All actions are controllable by keyboard.

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    1. eta's Avatar
      eta -
      Well. That was interesting. Different. But interesting.
    1. GamefanPPG's Avatar
      GamefanPPG -
      For those who want to save your game file, you can do it pressing the P button in your keyboard. You might no need it tho, the game is kind of short.
    1. Just playing's Avatar
      Just playing -
      these kind of VNs bring the devil inside you but i still like it
    1. Whitetragedy's Avatar
      Whitetragedy -
      Tries the game -> can't get the ending even though I've gotten all the girls? Is there an order to unlock the ending?
    1. zappky's Avatar
      zappky -
      Erm what the hell, aside from moving up and down cursor using arrow key, i cannot enter any option,so i am stuck at the main menu.

      Help please? i am using Adobe flash player 11

      EDIT: Argh,silly me, i smash the whole keyboard but not the 'z' key to enter the input
    1. zappky's Avatar
      zappky -
      Well.. Who looks how to unlock Frannie rape scene?
      Silvia is just simply dont go into the house and stop the guys.
    1. zappky's Avatar
      zappky -
      Well... i found out how to unlock all the rapes scene

      For silvia , just choose not to enter the room and this would teach you that you should not interfere with the men who want to rape the girl.
      For Frannie, just dont attack her at the usual spot and just explore the second floor, you will notice the difference if your first playthrough is just go and attack her.
      For Monica , just leave her at her usual spot after you disperse the group of three maid. You will unlock her rape scene by going to the house that you thought is useless at first.

      Btw i found some useful inputs.
      Pressing "s" during a scene will skip it entirely.
      Pressing "x" during a scene will remove the dialog box and see the cg in full.

      Have a nice day and have fun =3
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