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  1. eta

    Hajimete no Okaa-san

    I would try but it keeps giving me a syntax error on start so oh well.
  2. Welcome to the head pat simulator. Enjoy yourself.
  3. God (devil?) this game's art and style is amazing. Their art director needs a raise.
  4. eta


    Well that was short. Feels more like an intro or a chapter 1 than a full game. Nice graphics and pretty cute though.
  5. eta

    Homeless School Girl

    Well this is sort of depressing. I sure hope the "comedy" somehow makes it less depressing. Edit: Nope. There was no comedy. Who wrote a comedy tag into this thing.
  6. Could we like get a torrent up for this?
  7. Man recently that specific download site has been having really annoying pop up ads my blocker doesnt block.
  8. So what's with Sharin? If I recall they already have a patch and it was pretty good. Is this like an official translation now?
  9. eta

    Tokyo Babel

    Since you guys are trying it, could you two check if theres a problem when you select the guy with unknown background? My game seems to crash after they enter a classroom after that choice. But I also downloaded from another site so I want to know if this download doesnt have the same issue. Thanks.
  10. eta

    Tokyo Babel

    A minute into the game and I had to stop because I was like.... wait a minute. Araragi? Yeah turns out it was the same voice actor. I am not sure if this greatly enhances the game or will completely ruin it by having araragi do whatever it is he does in this game. Edit: Going through their list, they have some pretty big voice actors. It actually looks like all of their VAs have pretty significant experience / previous roles. This should be good.
  11. eta

    Beat Blades Haruka

    According to Beat Blades Haruka | Eroge Download The issue is with codecs. Theres someone suggesting cccp. I'm still waiting on someone to figure out how to stop system40 crashing on startup. Apparently it works on win 10.
  12. eta

    Atom Grrrl!!

    Do you want to exit the game? DA! What. I thought this was about America.
  13. eta

    Beat Blades Haruka

    Ok. Downloaded and it gives me a APPCRASH every time, even in admin mode. So if anyone figures this out, let us know. Or if anyone feels like trying to get the game from another source.
  14. eta

    Beat Blades Haruka

    Well thats quite a good selection of games in such a short time. Loli heroine and evil route and raising sim? Sounds fun.
  15. eta


    I too am disappointed with lack of Makoto route. Maya was my favorite though. That Taa-shama. But all in all, mediocre story, average game. Still decent if youve got time to kill since its short.
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