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About This Club

A group for those who love/like gore on any kind of way.
  1. What's new in this club
  2. my favorite game is Sweet Pool. Have a lot of gore fanservice
  3. I only like gore that's in comically large amounts, like in Brutal Doom, Hellsing, or No More Heroes.
  4. hard to pick just one. like you guys said Elfen Lied was great, but as far as gore goes i'd have to go with Hellsing Ultimate
  5. Kara no Shoujo DEFINETLY . Elfen Lied was great of course too
  6. Okay so my fav would have to be the anime Elfen Lied. Just that story line is enough to justify the gore they cause.. least thats what I think anyway.
  7. ult, took you a while to join. Welcome to the group!
  8. And another one has joined! Welcome to the group, Username.
  9. Oh, another memeber! Welcome, SanosukeArg.
  10. ultimumknight, welcome to the group.
  11. Welcome to the group Yachi.
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