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  1. Hahaha, seems I might have to pick up Grisaia sometime after all, not what I had expected it to contain at all!
  2. I suggest searching for Taimanin Asagi on vndb.org
  3. Don't believe Chex, he just mad m8.
  4. 1. discolor 2. deadangle 3. final answer [video=youtube;Zq-HbOF1xvI] Unusual choices? Maybe, but a bit of an unusual choice is probably more fun, hehehe Discolor because the scene somehow really hit me and I keep coming back to that track. Deadangle because it describes for me the admosphere of 1-4. Final answer because it's just awesome.
  5. But not as good as Sengoku Rance. Nop, but very amusing nonetheless.
  6. please clean up your inbox <3

  7. [spoiler=battle royale ch. 114] http://z.mhcdn.net/store/manga/17/114.0/compressed/Battle_Royale_v15_068_069.jpg?v=11192279206 [spoiler=death note ch. 58] http://z.mfcdn.net/store/manga/25/07-058.0/compressed/DEATH_NOTE0006_7.jpg
  8. Lol no, if a game like Sengoku rance would have had an average VN protag it would have been waaaay more boring.
  9. Played 'misao' this afternoon in one go (technically not a VN so guess I post it here instead). Not very special imo, though the random deaths where funny, also the 'true route' was okay. Though I didn't really play it since I watched a playthrough, I would also recommend 'the Stanley Parable' to everyone. Amazing game, such a well executed concept.
  10. Shouldn't really post here since I didn't finish Fate VN, but my favorite female chara is clear nonetheless: Rin. (Battler3)
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