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About This Club

A Group for people who want to help out other people by creating walkthroughs/guides, help with problems... finding solutions that we can be able to solve, etc. I made this group exactly for this purpose.... "like me and other regular users can help others in ways that we are able to"... kind of group?
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  2. So like... I know I just recently started this group and all but if there are more ppl/users that join... I would like to request for some moderators to handle the group aswell. This is simply because I won't be able to be online here all the time due to work, etc. So having some moderators would help a great deal in the future. (if needed...) That's why if you feel like you want to help manage/moderate then please don't hold back and post here. Also make sure to write on why you want to aswell... (this is to prevent any "chaotic" issues... since there are some that would abuse their
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