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    In year 200X, a black hole that would later be called "hellhole" appeared in the center of Japan. Shortly thereafter all contact between Japanese archipelago and the rest of the world got lost.

    Giant crystal onyxes named "Crystal B" appeared. Contact with them increased human bodies "B power" and paranormal potential, "special student body" is used to describe those powers young people gained by this change. Emergence of such powers caused panic in the masses and a dark age of violence began.

    A few years later a powerful organization appeared, gathering those with the "special student body" to form the nationwide "Students Union" to bring out Japan out of the dark. But the battle was just starting...
    Download Daibanchou game:

    Download Daibanchou English patch:
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    1. erogeking's Avatar
      erogeking -
      if you have played sengoku rance and liked it than you will probably like this to
    1. EntaroAdun's Avatar
      EntaroAdun -
      If anyone use Cheat Engine to beat this game on hard mode plz upload your cheat tables. The game is way too hard.
    1. TheRetroGoat's Avatar
      TheRetroGoat -
      Damn, that took a bit of fiddling around to get it to run in English.
    1. marvey6678's Avatar
      marvey6678 -
      HELP PLS!! how can i play this in english? the game works fine without the patch but when i extract the patch on the game folder this always happens when i start the game.

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    1. kevenka's Avatar
      kevenka -
      To help you marvey, there's always a few things you have to consider. Did you install and patch as admin? And the other is, a lot of the games require you to have them in your programs file, c drive directory.
    1. kevenka's Avatar
      kevenka -
      Oh, and when you replace the old files, you must've replace the dll folder. Just replace the contents inside the patch with the contents inside the games initial installation. Cheers!
    1. kevenka's Avatar
      kevenka -
      Shit, here's how i got the game to work:
      You match the patch files with the ones inside the original installation:
      one that says "DA" near the end, you copy the original files name and rename the patch's into that particular file name and then replace it. You do that for all the files and it should run properly after.
    1. Gin's Avatar
      Gin -
      nah i don't get it^^'
      whatever i do i get this warning saying something about DLL [SuraceFActory] *japanese kanji*
    1. Devilsraging's Avatar
      Devilsraging -
      so i was having trouble getting this game to work, i install the game extract the english patch, but there was an error and after seeing the intro of the game, my game went into a black screen and it didn't start.

      here's how to get this game to work properly, well for me anyways:
      1:install the game, choose any location you want (B), start install with (R) button
      2:then once you're done with installation, close what ever pops up
      3:delete the game folder you installed, by going to the location you installed it in
      4:install it again, click "yes" and it should automatically install into the location you previously installed
      5:click (S) after the installation, it should launch the game in japanese, if it works, you did correctly so far, if not, then idk

      -now for the english patch i didn't get it from here, i got it from another website, there was the english patch + text fix
      6:extract the english patch into the main game folder
      6optional):extract the text fix into the main game folder
      -now the game should launch in english and bypass the black screen

      enjoy i hope that helped anyone having the same issue i was having
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