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  1. Kangoku Senkan 2 ~Yousai Toshi no Sennou Kaizou~ Anybody has a walkthrough for this VN? I got 3 endings, 1 for 2 main girl and 1 for both. But i'm still missing about 40% of the H-gallery.
  2. What's the choices to get the police sister into your harem?
  3. EntaroAdun


    Taken from Reddit: " To anyone looking to download this: You'd do well to wait until the complete patch. This release had no prior authorization from anyone else in the group and is particularly frustrating to certain members because they never wanted to release un-proofread work in the first place."
  4. EntaroAdun

    Koihime Enbu

    All Ages
  5. Do you know anyway to quickly look for those nscripts games on this site? i don't want to download everything just to play a few
  6. So can somebody give me a guide on how to play VN on android using Onscript? i got MGQ to work and a few others but i can't play the rest. It seem that only games with nscript file is playable with this program. Is there a way to convert other VN so i can play it?
  7. need walkthrough for the 2nd scene on the 2nd page
  8. Can't get this game to work, i put in the cdkey but it isn't working, any suggestion?
  9. Anyone got a full save file?
  10. EntaroAdun

    Violated Hero 3

    This game is so confusing. I cleared the game once and i don't know how to get all the missing cgs.
  11. Anyone got full save game? I just got tired of all the grinding.
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