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  1. ...... you are aware the original game was released as 18+ in japan and no all ages versions exists in japan thus meaning it was not the writers/companys intent to ever make it all ages the only reason why we have the option of all ages is so it can be on steam. So to call the all ages version the fixed version is like calling cod without guns the fixed version.....
  2. we can use the mangagamer survey to our advantage by coordinating our license suggestions! etc if just 10 of us all suggest the same game it will have a much MUCH higher chance of getting it licensed! so instead of suggesting some random game you would like translated and having a very slight chance of it being chosen. we could all decide on 3 games we all somewhat like and have an actual chance of it being translated!! what do you guys think?
  3. your efforts are greatly appreciated!!!! Seeing this uploaded made my day! thx (:
  4. their hasn't really been that many good vn translated this year. It seems like their are a lot more all ages titles and western vn....... so im kinda bored. I have already played pretty much every eroge translated to the point of where i am going back and replaying old vn that i had forgotten about. so Im wondering if their are some dead translation projects that have released a eng patch that translates 1 or more routes. The reason why i want them to be dead projects is mainly because their is zero harm in me playing them. But if i where to play a game that is being translated i would kin
  5. sadly i couldn't find any torrents for boob wars 2....... so nvm.......3
  6. their is no link just the same premise big boobs vs flat!
  7. boobs wars 2 is a big improvement over 1. also boob wars 2 is just the same premise a.k.a big vs flat so i would play the 2nd one first and skip the first. not to say the 1st game is shit its just kinda meh... i would give it a 5/10 as for boobs wars 2 i would rate it 8/10
  8. i should be getting the nbn by the end of the year i reckon! which is very surprising seeing as i live in a country town.
  9. its no shock your only getting 30 kbps when its an Australian thats the only peer. we have the worst Internet over here!! cant wait until we get the nbn a.k.a fiber optics. than we will be able to compete with the rest of the world!
  10. lol in a couple months you will finish downloading it at that seed
  11. good to hear! we will always have room for eroge lovers for i am the EROGEKING!
  12. lol im about to have no work in a about month!3
  13. at this rate you might actually finish all the games in your list before the end of the year!
  14. thank god their was actually some that met your requirements!! as for free friend 2 you are correct their is only 1 heroin. but its up to you how you treat her theirs only one scene in which she gets ganged banged so you can easily avoid seeing it by making a simple choice. Same deal with the prequel except in the prequel you pretty much rape the heroine while in the 2nd one its more romantic... well romantic compared to rape lol. as for Koi iro Chu! Lips its a bit plain and boring but not bad i will continue looking for eroge for you tomorrow maybe if i have time
  15. when you have been playing eroge for as long as me you know where to go and how to search! but boy are you making it hard to find any visual novels that meet your requirements. The only games that are small in size are mainly nukiges a.k.a visual novels that are 10% story and 90% porn. some old games are very small in size but they can be a pain to get to work not to mention they need to be installed.
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