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Chain - The Lost Footprints

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Takeshi Shinonome is a private detective. One day, he meets a girl named Ayumu out in the rain. Ayumu’s sister, Marie, and Takeshi went to the same high school. She asks him to investigate rumors concerning her husband. Takeshi finds evidence that her husband is having an affair with Ako Sonomura. Later, Ayumu’s father asks Takeshi to investigate her private life. He is a well known politician and is afraid of having a scandal during the upcoming general election.


Soon after Takeshi starts investigating, Ayumu is confronted with an extremely dangerous situation. Is her father’s enemy behind this? As Takeshi tries to find out who is putting Ayumu in danger, he discovers a new drug is behind the entire problem. Murders become rampant. The new drug is constantly tied to the murders, but there is not enough evidence to prove it. Will the beautiful girls he becomes involved with help him solve the mystery?

Download "Chain" game:

Chain.rar - 576.9 MB

Chain.part1.rar - 199.3 MB

Chain.part2.rar - 199.3 MB

Chain.part3.rar - 178.2 MB


"Chain" game Images:


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I don't remember Chain as being censored?


I know Jast has previously had some titles modified such as XChange 3 (One of the endings featured a small girl which was altered.) and Family Project (Which after the discussion that sparked they were more open with what alterations had been done to the games.) but I don't think this game had any cuts or at least I don't remember any, Eve Burst Error had the sex scenes removed but from what I've read the story wasn't affected much at all by that decision.

(Compared to the cuts Hirameki did for their AnimePlay series were entire routes were removed.)


EDIT: Ah the preview image shows a censored picture (I believe that scene is animated.), there might have been one or two scenes with pixelated features come to think of it but they were fixed in the update released shortly after the game came out.



(As can be seen from the one erotic image there's no censoring on the game.)


EDIT: Oh I think I remember now, even with the patch the affected scenes starts out pixelated but as soon as the animation begin it's removed and displayed uncensored.

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