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  1. I believe they're all classed as Eroge (Steam version possibly leaving one or more scenes out or their CG at least.) but I know what you mean, think it was called Nukige meaning basically a focus on just sex and the story development takes a backseat between jumping from one erotic situation to another. First game featured a bit more development in that regard before you got to these scenes near the end of it whereas I'm guessing both these sequels feature more sex scenes though I haven't played part 3 yet so perhaps the author has listened a bit on feedback from the previous installment an
  2. Been thinking of picking this up but I haven't really had much time lately and this is apparently a re-release of the original game from 2013 then split into three episodes which is the version Mangagamer licensed so I'm likely going to wait until they're all available first, not really sure how long the actual game is either. Guessing it'll pop up here in a while or on the Sukebe.Nyaa tracker (Nyaa having the all ages content, Sukebe.nyaa having the adult stuff.) seems the price is around 25$ and MG does tend to price their games based on length as I remember so ~75$ for all three episodes
  3. Had some interesting extra route in the first game as I remember and then in the second game the protagonist is like the grandkid to the guy in the first but you don't even see him or the chosen heroine besides a couple of quick references. No idea what happened in the spin-off games as I haven't played them and D.C III well something must have happened now if magic and stuff just happens to be around for some reason.
  4. Denkigai and Comiket! ? MangaGamer Staff Blog EDIT: Maggot Baits? Heh and here I thought Euphoria had some pretty strong content. http://hgamecg.com/index/category/854-_clockup_maggot_baits (Well it does I suppose but this is a bit even above that it would seem.)
  5. That's usually the case, can probably be seen in several VN's both fan translated and done by e.g MangaGamer or Jast or whoever else there is. (Sekai project and other more recent companies doing translations of both adult and all-ages VN's or making adult VN's into all-ages ones regardless of how much has to be cut, heh doubt I'll ever understand that.) "rub-a-dub-dub thanks for the grub." as seen in a certain game from Mangagamer is probably not quite the best match for the Itatakimasu or eh I probably butchered that spelling. (Post the machine translated VN'sof their early first and se
  6. https://vndb.org/g718 That might help, just go with the ones with a English flag if you're looking for translated titles. (Both fan and official releases I believe.) E-Hentai Galleries - The Free Hentai Doujinshi, Manga and Image Gallery System Or that for just the CG, as per their rules though not all galleries are available as some of the content can be restricted even to registered users. (Imouto Paradise to name one game has a route with one of the female characters being a more dominant type but some other characters are a bit younger looking - Though not quite say Jewel Knights
  7. Melody of Grisaia is out on Steam. Guessing this is the same as the two(?) others were the Steam version is a bit toned down and the adult version will be released separately sometime in the distant future. EDIT: Actually from reading up on it it looks like this was a all-ages VN to begin with.
  8. https://denpasoft.com/shop/muv-luv-directors-cut-patch/ Muv-Luv "Directors Cut" patch is out on Denpasoft, restores the adult scenes from the previous (Steam?) release of the game. Restores does not mean uncensored though, it's still using mosaic but they're no longer completely cut out of the game.
  9. jbeckman

    Princess Eris

    MangaGamer has been trying to acquire the Taimanin Asagi license from Lilith actually but they felt it better to start with some less known titles to start out with and then continue from there, how that worked out I'm not too sure on but I'm guessing they're still active even if there might be not be any upcoming releases from them currently. (Exactly how that works I'm unsure about, I can understand it's not exactly going to be possible to just license stuff from the bigger studios due to costs and sometimes a bit of a aversion to the western market in general but when you have a contract e
  10. jbeckman

    Brave Soul

    Brave Soul is uncensored, was licensed by Jast a couple of years back (It's a fairly old game, mix of visual novel and light JRPG mechanics.) but there's not that many different scenes for each of the heroines.
  11. jbeckman

    Princess Eris

    It kinda is although I do not know how well tagged some of the earlier uploads might be. In any case in general if a upload has the "USA Released" tag it's generally uncensored barring any special circumstances (Minori for example employs minimal pixelization for "fear" of reverse import - similar to the Japanese "hentai" video industry these last couple of years I believe? - and some studios no longer have the uncensored material due to the age of some of these titles.) and if it's not licensed well per law it has to be censored either via mosaic or similar or by simply not showing certain
  12. Euphoria? Bit strong for some though, Eroge? It has some "shitty" moments though to call it that but usually only one or two per route. Imouto Paradise has some interesting content as well (And the weirdest way to ever get to harem route?) Starless? The intimate moments are pretty lengthy though, tons of text to where you could probably fit in some smaller length VN's in the time it would take to read all of that. Many of the older Jast licenses were a bit less tame current ones too, translation quality varied a bit though. (Though nothing is ever going to beat Mangagamer and it's first t
  13. ENIGMA: Now On Sale! ? MangaGamer Staff Blog Quest Failed On Sale Now! ? MangaGamer Staff Blog Enigma and Quest Failed are out now from MangaGamer. (Sunflower seem to be coming out in early December as well.) JAST DevLog Nothing from Jast yet so far it would seem. https://denpasoft.com/?age-verified And DenpaSoft seem to be publishing those Sakura games now. Steam? Well Steam is seeing daily indie releases from attempts at VN games with varied success though some larger studios appear to now be using it as well for their all-ages content. (Or forcing all-ages on conten
  14. Was wondering about that myself, going by the CG gallery ( [Norn] Kemomimi Harem Vacation ~Inaka de Nonbiri Mofumofu Kemonomimi Shoujo-tachi to Kozukuri Zanmai~ - E-Hentai Galleries ) there's not much left if you remove the adult content, I guess the game fades to black or some such in the Steam version then unless it was cut entirely but that's about as bad as those Hirameki "DVD play" conversions from a few years back then.
  15. MangaGamer.com - Busty Maid: Creampie Heaven! "Bust Maid: Creampie Heaven!" Another title from MangaGamer, from Ume Soft whom recently released "Detective Masochist" and the earlier Harakiri or err "Harajuko Dating Paradise"
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