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Daibanchou - Big Bang Age

  • Language: English

In the year 200X, a giant hole erupted in the middle of Japan. Called the Hell Hole, its appearance caused the sea to split and the lands to bend. The entirety of Japan was twisted out of shape, and dark B-crystals appeared everywhere, bestowing special powers to some people, mostly the younger generation. Special Students, as those people were soon called, became the object of fear. Japan became ruled by violence and terror and was cut off from the rest of the world.

A year after the appearance of the Demonic Hole, a Special Student with extraordinary strength and will managed to unite the Special Students throughout Japan. He formed the Student Union (S.U.) to bring order back to Japan, and Japan entered a peaceful time, but it was not meant to last.

Now, the land is more split than ever between the military of the PGG, the horrifying vampires of the Nightmare Eyes, the disciplined ninjas of the NPI, the fanatical Holy Flame knights, and the violent Skull Serpents sky pirates, with no end to the hostilities in sight. However, one man appearing in the Tokyo school may just change Japan forever...

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To help you marvey, there's always a few things you have to consider. Did you install and patch as admin? And the other is, a lot of the games require you to have them in your programs file, c drive directory.

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Shit, here's how i got the game to work:

You match the patch files with the ones inside the original installation:


one that says "DA" near the end, you copy the original files name and rename the patch's into that particular file name and then replace it. You do that for all the files and it should run properly after.

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so i was having trouble getting this game to work, i install the game extract the english patch, but there was an error and after seeing the intro of the game, my game went into a black screen and it didn't start.


here's how to get this game to work properly, well for me anyways:

1:install the game, choose any location you want (B), start install with ® button

2:then once you're done with installation, close what ever pops up

3:delete the game folder you installed, by going to the location you installed it in

4:install it again, click "yes" and it should automatically install into the location you previously installed

5:click (S) after the installation, it should launch the game in japanese, if it works, you did correctly so far, if not, then idk


-now for the english patch i didn't get it from here, i got it from another website, there was the english patch + text fix

6:extract the english patch into the main game folder

6:(optional):extract the text fix into the main game folder

-now the game should launch in english and bypass the black screen


enjoy i hope that helped anyone having the same issue i was having

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