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Let's Find Out NTR! When You Try to Woo a Naughty Girl, You'll Be Surprised to Find Out That...!

  • Language: English (MTL)

The stuck up woman reacts to your stimulation with
Live2D animation wholly created with realism and immersion in mind!

Kissing, oral, breast groping, nipple stimulation, face slapping, breast slapping, electric massager, electric shocks...
Ear licking, blowjobs...
A multitude of methods to discipline the stuck up woman!

Of course, intercourse is also possible!

Employ various methods according to your desire, and thoroughly discipline her...!


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    • ABOUT:
      Drive your tentacle van so that the police can't catch you. 
      The police will shoot you on sight so drive carefully! 
      Get horny girls inside your van and satisfy their lust. 
      Harvest their egg cells so you can evolve and unlock interesting upgrades and new abilities!
      Good luck!
      Release Date: May 17, 2024
      Developer: KatWhorm: Itch.io - Patreon - Discord - Twitter
      Censored: No
      OS: Windows - macOS - Linux - Android
      Language: English
      Genre: Adventure, Simulation, Strategy
      Installation: Extract and run.

    • ABOUT
      Harvest Girls is a unique management defense game where you control a "farmer" girl that plants mysterious sexy human-looking plants.
      In this game, you're the farmer girl and your goal is to plant as much girls as you can.
      Plants costs money to plant. You can earn money through harvesting the plants once they matured.
      Be careful, though!
      Horny powerful insects will occasionally attack your garden during the day, and even more so during the night! 
      Luckily, you're no ordinary farmer girl, since you're well equipped to deal with those horny insect monsters!
      How long will you be able to defend your little garden?
      Release Date: 05-1-24
      Developer: Yuufaux Games: Itch - Patreon - Discord- Twitter
      Censored: No
      Version: 0.10
      OS: Android, Linux, MacOS, Windows
      Language: English
      Genre: Action, Adventure, Strategy, Survival
      Installation: Extract and run.

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      Haunted Haven is a strategic RPG that follows the adventures of Isla, Celeste, Marcella, and Luna as they embark on a perilous journey on a cursed island.
      The story begins when these four friends decide to visit Dread Cove, an island infamous for its curse. Legend has it that anyone who sets foot on the island never returns, alive or dead.
      What could possibly await the four as they set foot on Dread Cove? 
      Will they share the same fate with others?
      Or will they be able to unravel the island's decades-old mystery?
      Release Date: 04-10-24
      Developer: Hina Aozora: Itch.io - Patreon - Discord- Twitter
      Censored: No
      Version: 0.1.00
      OS: Android, Linux, MacOS, Windows
      Language: English
      Genre: Strategy, Adventure, Role Playing
      Installation: Extract and run.

    • ABOUT
      Blackmailing My Neighbor is about Mia; was once a typical girl who attended school and enjoyed a happy life with her family.
      However, one day she woke up to discover that she had contracted the Futanari disease. Now living alone in a modest apartment she can barely afford, Mia's luck takes a turn when she catches her neighbor, Miss Death, cheating and captures it all on film. With this evidence, she can now blackmail Miss Death.
      Will Mia choose to fall in love with Miss Death and build a loving family together? Or will she exploit her for profit, turning her into a cock hungry slut?
      The choice is yours to make.
      Release Date: 04-01-2024
      Developer: CorruptionStudio: Itch - Discord - Patreon - Twitter
      Censored: No
      OS: Windows - macOS - Android - Linux
      Language: English
      Genre: Role Playing, Adventure
      Installation: Extract and run.

    • ABOUT
      This game is weird.
      CATMORPHOSIS is a supernatural visual novel with weird romantic elements and adult scenes. 
      In this game, you take the role of Johann, a typical h0rnyy protagnist, basically textbook. His girlfriend, Wendy, recently broke up with her so he went into the abyss of broken-heartedness, aside from the occassional naughty encounters with his workmates.
      One night, he received a popup ad about a cat so he decided to take it and order a cat online. The ad took to a weird website selling cats, which isn't that weird at first until the website showcases their cats as if their cats are demons or something. Of course, our awesome protagonist Johann decided to buy one.
      However, when the cat arrives a few days later, it's definitely NOT a normal cat.
      There's nothing normal with that cat at all.
      Release Date: 03-22-2024
      Developer: KatWhorm: Itch.io - Patreon - Discord - Twitter
      Censored: No
      OS: Windows - macOS - Linux - Android
      Language: English
      Genre: Visual Novel
      Installation: Extract and run.

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