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Witch Act

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FYI: This appears to be made by the same people who made the game" Rune's Pharmacy" (https://erogegames.com/runes-pharmacy-923/) or it at least uses the same underlying game system, but appears to be an earlier title.


For those who care about such things, I was able to play the whole game through without the heroine getting raped.


It's the same game system, but not the same developer. This one is Clymenia, while the other was PicoPicoSoft. They are rpg maker games, and there are a ton of others like them. Marionette Fantasy, also on this site, is also an rpgm game, made by yet another developer (X-toys).

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small casual game, in parts actually funny. Good little timewaster.


also Dark Sphere | Eroge Download looks like made by same folks.


in Dark Sphere you get h-scenes everytime when losing a battle, here you get h-scenes only when searching them in towns (level 1), or when loosing "boss" fights.

Dark Sphere has practically no rpg, here you can equip and stuff and leveling up actually makes a difference.

To get the same-ish h-scenes stepped up to level 2, 3, ...? you need to either go everywhere again after beating the game, or go everywhere again once the heroine's "shame" has sunk below threshold(s) - both were true for me at same time (shame



edit : Ah, OK, so this is what rpg-maker games are/ can be like. thanks for explaining, Kinni.

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