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Re:Birthday Song ~Koi o Utau Shinigami~

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That song is an offering from the Reapers—a Requiem—very near the boundary between heaven and hell where one's soul returns to. In that place is a school in which Reapers—beings that collect human souls—are developed and trained. Assembled as "Reaper Cadets" at this school are the protagonist and her peers who were once human. There, all possessing the same aspiration of becoming a Reaper, cadets pair up with one another to study in order to become a fully fledged Reaper, but...

The protagonist, Cocoro, wasn't selected by anybody to be her partner as she performed poorly in all disciplines of Reaper study. As a result, she was grouped with other cadets that were falling behind, and was made to take special supplementary lessons. The other attendees of these supplementary lessons are fellow Reaper cadets. It's filled with unique guys, all with their own reasons for attending the school.

Cocoro must choose one of the boys to become partners with, however... With her partner at her side, will she be able to become a fully fledged Reaper?

Or... Will a single tale of love between two underachieving Reaper cadets be woven instead?

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Uh, isn't the "death of protagonist" a little redundant? They're the dead to start with.

(My statement is based off the summary written above, I haven't actually played the game.)


Perhaps they can also die as spirits.

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I can't seem to get the game too work, I have changed my system local to Japansk and I did 2 and 3 correct but game open up with Japansk text and closed himself after that.

This error I'm getting http://imagizer.imageshack.com/img923/7840/s3JzTb.png

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I've tried multiple times + the game runs perfectly for me; but no matter what I do I cannot get the english patch to work! :( I replaced the rio.arc file like it said but the game still comes up in Japanese :/ I've tried re-extracting the file and manually deleting the rio.arc file + adding it from the english patch file, downloaded the english patch separately from the translator + added the file from their download to the game, tried to open rio.arc with the game file, but still nothing! I have absolutely NO idea how the Japanese text can be so persistent lol because it still comes up as such after completely deleting the japanese rio.arc file! Am I missing something? Any help would be VERY appreciated :>

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      Not only that, but her soul will be destroyed completely, so she can't even be reincarnated.

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      But can Mai do enough good deeds in the next seven days to change her fate?
    • Is this a nascent ego—or just a nasty bug?

      I awakened, and in that moment, there was no sensation.
      I performed my requisite function, just as all my sisters did.
      That was the proof of my existence.
      Without my function, what would I be?
      This would represent an error.
      It would make me into a bug.

      And yet, you named that error “Ego.”
      I'm sure you thought nothing of it,
      no deeper meaning underneath.

      And yet...

      Ever since you named me so,
      what was a bug became my ego,
      and lit a fire in my mind that I've never forgotten.
    • An ordinary writer creates, longing to be like God [Fenikkusu]. One night, at 4 AM, he meets a mysterious girl called "Feni" in a park. "Oji-san, would you like to know the truth... or would you remain happier if you were blissfully unaware?"
      She entrusts the protagonist with a mysterious, golden bird's egg. If the protagonist can make someone happy, the phoenix can rise again. "What I am about to tell you is the end of the fake world, that was created by God."
      The girl speaks to him, "This is a story of love, madness and the bizarre, the end of... "me"."
      At 4 am, the Phoenix awaits its end. You and I, who have sinned, spend our last moments together.

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