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    The Genesis Order

    I checked the patreon for this game. It says that its on version v.02121 So it would still be an unfinished game. I think its just the first chapter.
  2. is there a setting to fix the dialog for it to show the correct relationship between the characters instead of landlady, landlord and tenant?
  3. You can find a lot here Download RPG Hentai Games | HentaiGamer
  4. Why is Mahoutsukai no Yoru not in the list?
  5. What are the translated games from the Muv-Luv series?
  6. what happened with the Chaos;Child? wasn't it finished?
  7. And not true love kind of game. I mean boob wars level of Nukige.
  8. You always have the very subtly named VN Rape! Rape! Rape! if you dont mind using machine translator
  9. Hi, im trying to play Himegari Dungeon Meister here ログイン - FANZA but i get this message after the loading screen Does some one knows what it says?
  10. Isnt Slave’s sword already translated? https://erogegames.com/slaves-sword-~-free-city~-1096/
  11. Anyone knows where can i find this game? Queen of Darkness
  12. Ill back this. And i hope this kicks off so i can have Venus Blood -Abyss-.
  13. Hi I got a malware or virus warning in this files, plus the steam api.dll for higurashi. Should i be woried? THEHOUSEINFATAMORGANA\STEAM_API.DLL KANON\KANON\KANONENGLISHPATCH.RAR MALUSCODE\STEAM_API.DLL ENIGMA\STEAM_API.DLL THE LEISURE OF GRISAIA\STEAM_API.DLL TIMESTRIPPERMAKO\MOTV95T.EXE GAOKAOLOVE100DAYS\STEAM_API.DLL DESTINYSPRINCESS\STEAM_API.DLL KillingTimeUncensored\System\RGSS300.dll TricolourLovestory\plugin\layerExSave.dll
  14. Whats the difference between steam cross channel and the one we already have?
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