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  • Kira Kira


    Language: English
    Shikanosuke Maejima is a student at the Missionary school, Oubi Academy. He doesn't attend his club, he doesn't put much effort in his studies, all he does is show up at his part time job; in short, his life could be better. One day, he meets a strange girl, Kirari Shiino, at work and before he knows it, they've formed a punk band.
    The band consists of Shikanosuke, Kirari, his childhood friend Chie Isurugi, and a rich but weak young lady by the name of Sarina Kashiwara. The four of them are members of the Second Literature Club, which has hardly any active members and is already scheduled to be disbanded. This band is their chance to stand out and give one final farewell at the Culture Festival.
    The challenge was foolhardy, but after eccentric training they managed to succeed and rock out the peaceful Oubi Academy with their debut performance. That should have been it.
    They were satisfied.
    They should have returned to their normal lives.
    However, their final performance at a local Live House became a hit on the Internet and requests for their performance start flying in from far and wide.
    One problem: exams are coming up and their parents are opposed to the band!
    Who cares!
    The four of them embark on their final adventure, a long tour of Japan, armed with their dreams and their instruments, all aboard a rickety van that could fall apart at any moment.

    Download Kira Kira English game:
    KiraKira.rar - 1.3 GB
    KiraKira.part1.rar - 199.3 MB
    KiraKira.part2.rar - 199.3 MB
    KiraKira.part3.rar - 199.3 MB
    KiraKira.part4.rar - 199.3 MB
    KiraKira.part5.rar - 199.3 MB
    KiraKira.part6.rar - 199.3 MB
    KiraKira.part7.rar - 97.6 MB
    Kira Kira - HCG

  • X-Change


    Language: English
    You are Takuya Aihara, an average junior college student with one character flaw: you're a bit of a weakling. No matter how hard you try, it seems that all the girls around you are constantly pushing you around: your teasing step-sister Natsumi, the genius president of your chemistry club Mami, but especially Asuka, your beautiful childhood friend. No matter how hard you try, you just can't assert yourself.
    One fateful day, while cleaning some shelves in the chemistry room, you spill a mysterious chemical on yourself. The next thing you know, you've been transformed into a girl! And so begins this hilarious erotic adventure in which poor Takuya gets some very interesting lessons in anatomy and sex education!
    As a woman, Takuya discovers a new world of experiences, some welcome and others not. Can Takuya find a way back to normal, while avoiding the many temptations that come with his new female body? Can he find a way to express his feelings for Asuka, without hurting another who loves him?
    Download X-Change English game:
    XChange.rar - 403.3 MB
    XChange.part1.rar - 199.3 MB
    XChange.part2.rar - 199.3 MB
    XChange.part3.rar - 4.7 MB

  • Tsukihime


    Language: English
    This story is about a young boy named Tohno Shiki who, after experiencing a traumatic accident, wakes up in the hospital with the ability to see lines and cracks in every surface and being. These lines, when traced with any sharp or blunt edge, will be permanently cut. As he is forced to see these lines everywhere, Shiki is distraught until he meets a mage girl who gives him glasses that allow him to live a normal life.

    Years later, after living in a relative's home, the death of his father has him summoned back to the mansion he left years ago. There he must learn to live with his younger sister and two maid girls.

    One day Shiki's life takes a turn for the worst when, on the way to school, he meets a blonde woman and he's overcome with the urge to kill her.

  • X-Change 2


    Language: English
    In X-Change 2, you once again take on the role of Takuya Aihara, the unlucky chemistry student at Miyanomori Private School, who has a tendency to get caught in bizarre chemistry accidents that cause you many problems. When a strange chemical turned you into a girl last year, you had a bizarre string of experiences as you learned "how the other half lived." Now, one year later, you're enjoying your school life with Asuka, your steady girlfriend. But unhappy days are around the corner, as chemistry club member Chisato uses you as a guinea pig for a new experiment, which changes you into a girl once again!
    As a girl, you find you're much more popular than before, but with practically everyone around you (both male and female) yearning to have sex with you, it can all get to be too much.
    This latest X-Change adventure features the old familiar faces, as well as many new characters and erotic plot lines. The shy boy Kouji, whose virginity you took last year on the roof of the school, bides his time waiting for his chance. Then there's Mr. Sano, the teacher known for his interest in his female students, and he's got his eyes set on you. What will you do when you encounter Maiko-chan, a girl whose confusion about men has lead her to prefer girls? What about the shy Megumi, who confesses that she's in love with your male self? And while all this is going on, you're trying to keep your tenuous relationship with Asuka intact, which isn't easy, to say the least. The biggest danger is that the changes to your body will become permanent if you don't change back soon -- but how can you find a way to become male again?
    Download X-Change 2 English game:
    XChange2.rar - 425.4 MB
    XChange2.part1.rar - 199.3 MB
    XChange2.part2.rar - 199.3 MB
    XChange2.part3.rar - 26.8 MB

  • Language: English
    My name is Daichi Shou, and I'm nothing special. I tell my folks back at home that I'm a big shot, but I'm really just working a part time job delivering soba (buckwheat noodles) for a shop on the Himeda mountain ridge - I drive the route morning and evening, live in my simple apartment and banish all thoughts of fame or glory from my mind.
    But all that changed suddenly when one day on my route I got into an accident, fell unconscious and when I woke up I was in the passenger seat of a taxi driven by a beautiful girl! I didn't remember the details, but it seems I'd lost memory of what happened earlier and she thought I was a genius racing navigator...
    She said her name was Michi, and she was so cute I couldn't help but go along with her case of mistaken identity. With my advice her driving skills became top notch, and attracted competition from around the country and beyond. With beautiful girls flocking to race for my attention, which one will I choose to guide to victory?!
    Download Moero Downhill Night English game:
    DownhillNight.rar - 1.1 GB
    DownhillNight.part1.rar - 199.3 MB
    DownhillNight.part2.rar - 199.3 MB
    DownhillNight.part3.rar - 199.3 MB
    DownhillNight.part4.rar - 199.3 MB
    DownhillNight.part5.rar - 199.3 MB
    DownhillNight.part6.rar - 136.0 MB

  • Language: English
    Minamo is a pure and romantic girl who can be quite clumsy at times, and she's in love with the handsome Satoru, a boy in her class. While working at her part-time job, Minamo spies Ryo and Mio as they eat together, their love for each other clearly visible in their eyes. She wishes she could sit like that with Satoru, but she knows that she's too shy to ever come out and confess her feelings to him.
    Soon after, Minamo is killed in an accident. Filled with remorse at not seizing her chance for love while she was alive, she visits Ryo and asks for his help. If he'll lend her his own life force, she'll be able to tell her feelings to Satoru. Ryo doesn't know until it's too late that lending Marimo his life energy will turn him into a lifeless spirit...
    Download Figures of Happiness English game:
    FiguresOfHappiness.rar - 867.0 MB
    FiguresOfHappiness.part1.rar - 199.3 MB
    FiguresOfHappiness.part2.rar - 199.3 MB
    FiguresOfHappiness.part3.rar - 199.3 MB
    FiguresOfHappiness.part4.rar - 199.3 MB
    FiguresOfHappiness.part5.rar - 69.7 MB

  • Language: English
    Things were going just fine until my father suddenly announced he was getting re-married, and his new wife and daughter were going to live with us. What am I supposed to do now?
    My new step-mother is beautiful, but my new step-sister, Hitomi, is fascinating. She is so fragile and gentle. The way she smiles at me and tries to please me….I think she wants me. I….I think I want her. Whenever she is around me, I just want to possess her.
    How far can I push her? What will she allow me to do to her?
    “Please, Brother, I'll do anything for you. Just please don't hate me…..”
    Download Hitomi - My Stepsister English game:
    :usa:Hitomi.rar - 499.7 MB
    :eu:Hitomi.rar - 499.7 MB
    Hitomi.part1.rar - 199.3 MB
    Hitomi.part2.rar - 199.3 MB
    Hitomi.part3.rar - 101.1 MB

  • X-Change 3


    Language: English
    You are Takuya Aihara, the hero/heroine of the story. You've been blessed with a very interesting life: several years ago you were changed a girl through bizarre chemistry accidents, not once but twice. Now as you approach your final year of university with faithful girlfriend Asuka at your side, you almost get nostalgic thinking about those crazy days you spent as a girl.
    Until it happens again, that is: that troublesome Kouji, still madly in love with your female persona, secretly gets Asami-senpai to whip up some of the sex-change potion and tricks you into drinking it! It'll be harder than ever for you to change back into your male self this time, but you've got no choice: you have to find a way to return to normal before your female body becomes permanent. Although Asuka is one of the most understanding women in the world, there's no way she'll stay with you as a girl -- that's just not her thing.
    As you start another round of bizarre sexual adventures in your female body, virtually all the characters from the past X-Change games are back: your twisted sister Natsumi, who loves to tease you; the ingenius Asami-senpai; the endlessly experimenting Chisato; and a host of others from the first two games. With an even richer and more complex game story than last time, you'll have loads of fun exploring college life in your new female body, with many rewarding story lines to discover. Where will it all end?
    Download X-Change 3 English game:
    XChange3.rar - 2.3 GB
    XChange3.part01.rar - 199.3 MB
    XChange3.part02.rar - 199.3 MB
    XChange3.part03.rar - 199.3 MB
    XChange3.part04.rar - 199.3 MB
    XChange3.part05.rar - 199.3 MB
    XChange3.part06.rar - 199.3 MB
    XChange3.part07.rar - 199.3 MB
    XChange3.part08.rar - 199.3 MB
    XChange3.part09.rar - 199.3 MB
    XChange3.part10.rar - 199.3 MB
    XChange3.part11.rar - 199.3 MB
    XChange3.part12.rar - 140.5 MB
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    X-Change 3 - Uncensor Patch

  • Language: English
    In the near future.
    In a not so distant place.
    There exists a society where law is based upon deterrence and criminals are assigned "obligations" fitting for their crimes.
    Within this society, a man named Morita Kenichi aspires to the position of Special High Class Individual, one who holds authority over said criminals.
    For the purpose of fulfilling his ambition, Kenichi returns to the town he once called home. There he will encounter three girls bearing "obligations" and there he will encounter the past he left behind.
    Won't you join him in this story about how people relate to their society?
    In this story about how a society relates to its people.
    In this story about the girl amid the sunflowers growing in the country spinning like a wheel.

  • Language: English
    I am just an average student, living an average life. I study, I work my part-time job, and get through the day just like everyone else, trying not to be beaten down by the pressures of modern Japan. Then suddenly, the winds of change blow into my life, when I encounter three girls who reshape me forever. Three girls who are most definitely not living a normal life like everyone else in Japan, but who seem to float above society, strangely unaffected by it. Instinctively I know I should avoid getting involved with them, and yet before I know it, my destiny is bound with theirs. Where will it all lead?

  • Language: English
    This story takes place in an alternative future of Shanghai where money and power rules the city. Mafia groups hire Kung Fu masters and dominate the society.
    There are two types of Kung Fu masters, those who mastered their internal qi, and those who mastered their physical skills. The qi masters are able to output a stronger energy coming from their life itself, but it took a long time to master it. It was easier to just train their physical skills, but there was a limit to how strong a human body can be. So there were a balance of many average physical skill masters and few strong qi masters. However that balance broke when cybernetics came into play. Kung Fu masters would replace their body with robotic parts and attain a strength that a normal human can never achieve. That's how no one tried to become qi masters anymore when they can easily become powerful by using cybernetics, and qi masters decreased in numbers.

    The main character of the story Kong Taoluo, a qi master, used to be the top assassin of the leading mafia group. He was betrayed and killed, or at least he was supposed to be, but now he returns to city of Shanghai for revenge and for his sister...
    Download Kikokugai game:(English Patch included)
    Kikokugai.rar - 483.6 MB
    Kikokugai.part1.rar - 199.3 MB
    Kikokugai.part2.rar - 199.3 MB
    Kikokugai.part3.rar - 85.0 MB

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