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  • Language: English
    The Genesis Order is the latest chapter in NLT’s saga which started with Lust Epidemic, continued in Treasure of Nadia and will now start a new chapter later in 2021 alongside the ending of Treasure of Nadia. The game will feature some familiar faces as well as many new ones, including 13 new ladies! In TGO you’ll play as a junior detective trying to make a living and peruse your passion solving crimes and meeting gorgeous women. This complex story unwinds with as many twists and turns as you’d expect from an NLT game!

  • Language: English, Japanese
    This is an exploratory action RPG that allows you to set a variety of difficulty levels for erotic animation, such as heterosexual adultery, pregnant births, cross-sections, and fertilization.

  • Language: English
    You wake up in a completely unfamiliar place without any memories of yourself surrounded by hostile soldiers. What is that like?

    The male protagonist gets a nickname Nemo and is forced to investigate a cruel crime in exchange for the Commander’s patronage. To solve the case, he joins the elite squad of soldiers and he needs to get the trust of his comrades in order to find the culprit. However, what if the murder hides even more secrets and solved mysteries will only raise new questions? Will his new comrades become his companions or enemies?

    Nemo will have to not only investigate the crime but also learn to live in this new world and decide which side he is on in the military conflict.

  • Language: English, Japanese, Chinese
    On day she was making her way back home from playing....
    at the mansion, knights under the direct command of the royal capital were just about to seize the property.

    The knights arrested her father, and when they proclaimed that the Auslese Family's status as nobles had been revoked, the servants who lost their jobs, erupted in anger.
    She was almost raped by the knights, but a former maid saved her and the maid took Elddd to her house.

    Despite being rescued, Elle complains about the life as a commoner and continues to be arrogant. However she is determined to get rich as an adventurer and regain her nobility but...

  • Elvensang


    Language: English
    Elvensang tells the story of a young elf living in a predominantly human world where his kind is subjected to scorn and prejudice due to a history of war between the two races. Throughout the game, you will be presented with a large variety of choices that will shape the protagonist as well as the characters around him. These characters all have an agenda of their own, from well-intended pursuits of fulfillment to nefarious plots to usurp power in a chaotic, everchanging world.

  • Metal Flame


    Language: English, Japanese
    Metal Flame is a sci-fi style 2d platform shooter game.

  • Dirty Fantasy


    Language: English
    Dirty Fantasy - is a game, in which an ordinary (un)lucky guy suddenly gets involved into a fantastical adventure, which includes not only traveling to the different worlds, but also meeting a vast variety of cute and sexy girls! Take the role of main protagonist and enjoy interactions with your favorite girls from the different stories!
    The first world you will get into is the world of Witcher, so you can expect scary monsters, strange magic, stealthy menace and... sexy sorceresses (and not only sorceresses) along the way. And of course you gonna meet the one and only female-witcher who will fight side by side with you against great (okay, moderate) evil!
    Don't hesitate and start your adventure right now!

  • Wishes


    Language: English
    A new day at school... 
    I don’t know if I want to go today.
    The other students are all weird.
    Well, the girls from my class are gorgeous.
    But they're so... weird.
    There's no chance I'll lose my virginity to them any time soon.
    ...Something just caught my attention.
    It looks like... a kind of magic lamp. If I blow on it and rub it, will the genie appear?

  • Language: English
    Thrown down the dark labyrinth due to writing one too many monster girl doujins. You must traverse its corridor and fight the monster girls in turn based combat!
    Move slowly in the twisting and turning labyrinth to reach the end!
    Fight(and conquer) the monster girls that lurk in this maze!
    7 erotic scenes to unlock
    17 lvls
    Gallery mode

  • Stuck At Home


    Language: English
    How was your pandemic? Your quarantine?
    For our protagonist, it did not start well. 
    Just as he was getting comfortable with working from home, he suddenly lost his job and his rent skyrocketed, forcing him to swallow his pride and move back in with his family. Most of them welcomed him back gladly, but he didn't feel nearly as happy about it. For him it was like he was back to square one, like he had never left in the first place. And now he would have to spend his days doing nothing, unable to go outside due to the restrictions, unable to earn money or be useful. And worst of all, he would constantly bump into his family in precarious and awkward situations.
    Perhaps because it had been a couple of years since he had last seen them, or perhaps the quarantine caused him to become sexually frustrated, or maybe he was always messed-up in the head, it didn't matter. He ended up finding himself attracted to his siblings and his own mother.
    Would it be possible that they felt the same way? Maybe this quarantine wouldn't end as badly as it started?

  • Language: English
    Back in ancient times, the Holy Land of Helvetia flourished as the throne of the goddess Elnath. However, the land is now ruled by the demons who had conspired against and successfully defeated the goddess.

    The 4 queens who rule over their respective domains have long maintained a pact of non-intervention. However, one day, after receiving reports that the Dark Empress Karvia was engaging in suspicious activity, the other 3 queens simultaneously declared war on her.

    Despite being surrounded on all sides by enemies, the Demon Empress Karvia was confident that she would prevail. After all, she had under her command a secret task force unit, one that served her well during the battle for Helvetia against the goddess, and is also the unit that she considers to have been the deciding factor in the war...The 'Black Arme Vapula'.

    The unit shrouded in darkness and stricken from history, led by the war hero and our protagonist, Leonhardt...Setting foot onto the stage known as the battlefield once again, the flames of ambition burn brightly within him.

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