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  • Kyonyuu Elf Oyako Saimin


    Language: English (MTL)
    The Kingdom of Agrariel is a land of elves surrounded by forests.
    A nation ruled by female High Elves for generations, including the current Queen Ephildis.
    It's no exaggeration to say that it's one of the centers of the world, with its outstanding power and influence on the surrounding areas.

    Behind the prosperity of the elves, there was a strictly controlled law of breeding.
    The elves are known for their longevity, but they are not free to procreate as they please.
    They would go to a place called the Shrine of Life when their bodies were mature enough to bear children.
    At this time, a ritual is performed under the supervision of the High Elves to give them new life while the gods descend.

    The ritual is so sacred that only a few High Elves know of its reality.
    The mating rituals of other races are for beasts, not for elves.
    It is considered extremely dirty and forbidden to touch each other without permission or to seek pleasure.
    For this reason, many elves are unaware of their true nature. ......

  • Language: English (MTL)
    Ichirou Tani has a thing for hostess bars and spent all his company's money at them. Fleeing into the snowy mountains,
    his car breaks down during a heavy storm and he's forced to wander in search of help. That's when he stumbles upon

    Inside her meets the widowed head of the family, Rurie Munakata, her daughter Nakoto, and their maid Ren Takahara.
    And nobody else... His passions were inflamed by the residents' beautiful faces and excellent bodies, but he feared they may call the police if he tried anything. And so he abstained...

    later, at the dinner table, Nakoto was quite rude with Ichirou. As an apology, and because of the bad weather, Rurie asks that Ichirou stay there as Nakoto's tutor until Spring. He had no reason to refuse.

    He spent his first night at the mansion thinking on the events that lead him there. His embezzlement, his escape, becoming Nakoto's tutor... And that's when Rurie crept into his room. Sneaking into a healthy, virile man's bedroom at night? At her age, there's no way she didn't know what she was doing... And indeed, it progressed to sex. Ichirou had barely internalized what was happening when Rurie spoke...

    "If you want more of this, you'll need to take my daughter's virginity..."

    Before Ichirou could even ask a question, Rurie answered.
    "She's at that age, you know... but out here in the mountains she doesn't meet a lot of men. As her mother, I'm worried."

    He didn't believe her, but he was under her spell... he'd do it, and with her full consent.

    The next day, Ichirou's job as a tutor began. Nakoto was a difficult student, but she harbored no ill will toward her teacher.
    Since he had Rurie's permission, he couldn't take it any longer. He pushed Nakoto onto the bed. But when he lifted her skirt,
    he found a tightly-locked chastity belt. Nakoto smirked.

    "If you want to have sex with me, get mom pregnant..."

    A mother who wants him to have sex with her daughter...
    A daughter who wants him to impregnate her mother...
    And the maid who serves the both of them...

    The curtain rises on a shocking four-way tale of debauchery!

  • Language: English, Japanese, Chinese
    In the Omegaverse, everyone is born into one of three secondary genders: Alpha (α), Beta (β), or Omega (Ω).

    The majority of the population are Betas, while Alphas sit at the apex of society with their superior looks and abilities.

    Meanwhile, Omegas have a special characteristic: they periodically go into heat, at which time they become irresistible to Alphas.

    Rino is an Omega, and a new recruit working for a digital travel magazine.

    Chizu is an Alpha, and Rino's boss.

    "Um, Boss! It's my first day, and..."

    The moment Rino hears her boss's voice, she suddenly goes into an off-cycle heat!

    Chizu respects the fact that Rino doesn't want to quit her job just because of her natural urges as an Omega and makes a decision to help her.

    "Just bear with it. I'll get it over with soon."

    Entranced by her cool fingers and sweet scent, Rino gives her body over to Chizu.

    Fate begins to toy with the two as their feelings dance the fine line between reason and instinct...

  • Language: English (MTL)
    The famous “Alecia,” known as a strong and beautiful swordswoman in the town, was living happily with her husband “Roy” while fulfilling her role in maintaining the town’s peace and safety.
    One day, when Alecia heard that her husband was considering helping a former colleague with a hunting job, she offered to take his place.
    The person who appeared at the meeting place turned out to be “Edgar,” a frivolous and superficial man who was once her subordinate. Although she internally did not want to get involved with him, she decided to just get it over with since it was a one-time job.
    However, Alecia hadn’t noticed the wicked heat in Edgar’s eyes as he looked at her―

  • Ego's Spark


    Language: English, Chinese
    Is this a nascent ego—or just a nasty bug?

    I awakened, and in that moment, there was no sensation.
    I performed my requisite function, just as all my sisters did.
    That was the proof of my existence.
    Without my function, what would I be?
    This would represent an error.
    It would make me into a bug.

    And yet, you named that error “Ego.”
    I'm sure you thought nothing of it,
    no deeper meaning underneath.

    And yet...

    Ever since you named me so,
    what was a bug became my ego,
    and lit a fire in my mind that I've never forgotten.

  • Apostle: Rebellion


    Language: English
    The seemingly never-ending battle between Exodus and Magna that had raged since 2065 finally drew to a close. Exodus was disbanded, and the world's nations abandoned Almakarta.

    In the year 2140, World War III broke out due to a global food crisis caused by overpopulation and climate change. The intense fighting wiped out many nations outright and left the Earth in ruins. As a result, the global population dwindled from billions to just a few hundred million.

    In the aftermath, people began to gather, leading to the creation of a megalopolis called Neo-Eden. Within this city, a new military company was created. This company's name was Exodus.

    Exodus's mission was to create a new future for humanity by combining humans with machines. These cybernetic humans became known as Roids. Although 'Roiding' was initially met with controversy, the advantages of becoming one were overwhelming. Before long, the Roids began to outnumber traditional humans.

    It is now the year 2200, and social inequality is once again pushing humanity to its breaking point...

  • Language: English (MTL), Japanese
    Young female knight Reisha of the royal capital Near Lake was lamenting.
    The sudden death of the former king had caused political turmoil, the current reigning princess who succeeded the throne lacked convincing authority, the rapid increase of monster nests threatening the royal capital’s territory, and her own immaturity as a knight, which was not enough to serve the motherland she had sworn loyalty to.
    Amidst such chaos, an order was bestowed upon Reisha by the king.
    It was a quest to search for the now lost holy sword “Sword of Dawn,” passed down in the legends of the royal capital──.

  • Shota x Support


    Language: English
    My parents are on vacation and it's just me and my big sister.
    She says she wants something.
    And to earn money, she wants me to play with her friends.
    Of course I like to play with them, so I say yes.
    I don't know how it works, but we can get a lot of money just by playing with her friends.
    She said it is called "support".

    After a while, my sister's friend came to my house.
    She started to look at me.
    I felt strange.

    Then she started to touch my body!
    I didn't like it, but my sister held me down, and they started to naughty things!
    And then, another friend came. One and another!

    I've never played anything like this before!

  • Language: English, Japanese, Chinese
    A new sensation of 3D side-scrolling action where twins fight!
    Twin shrine maidens have fast menstrual cycles.
    You may become pregnant from the ejaculated semen.
    Currently, the only risk associated with pregnancy and childbirth is forced down during childbirth.

  • Language: English
    The Theocracy of Lescatie, illuminated by the Power of the Chief God and the birthplace of heroes, was humanity's hope. Yet, in one night this land was turned into a country of love and pleasure by the hand of Druella, the Demon Lord's daughter and the fourth princess of the Demon Realm.

    The Order of the Chief God have gathered their soldiers to take back The Theocracy.

  • Language: English
    Our story follows Kanoue Yuuma, an amnesiac boy with a special power, and Nikaidou Shinku, a translucent girl only visible to Yuuma who gave him that power. With it, he can heal any and all wounds.
    But it comes at the cost of the memories he's made.
    He lives a simple life: going to school and being scolded by his childhood friend, Kisaragi Mio, by day, and working with his master, Natsume Suzu, in the evenings.
    However, whenever he falls asleep, he always sees the same dream... a white world, feathers falling, and a girl calling out for him to save her.
    The student dormitory his master resides in has a special door in the basement, which connects their world to a myriad of different parallel ones. He travels from world to world, searching for one that resembles the scenery he sees in his dreams, but to no avail.

    Then, one night, as he's out at night strolling around town, he spots a girl jumping from the lighthouse.
    Yuuma rushes over and heals her using his power, but after coming to, the girl claims to know him and his power, and asks him much like the voice in his dreams:

    "Please save me, Kanoue Yuuma."

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