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Mirai no Kimi to, Subete no Uta ni

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One day in December, the protagonist finds a girl sleeping in the street. But he soon finds she’s actually a musical android named Miku.


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    • Your dream is to become a professional composer and you’ve worked hard to realize this dream by yourself. Since you manage by yourself, there’s no reason to rely on anyone else. However, you’re not sure if this is really what you truly want to do. Coming home one day, you find a young girl sleeping in your bed. After managing to wake her up, she requests you to write a song for her… a song only for her. Thus begins your journey together, as partners.
    • So I haven't played the game yet, but I am already having audio issues in the configuration screen. So I went in the first time to change the volume for the individual characters and all of a sudden, the music is freaking out, it's like each note is being doubled. Once I fixed all the settings, I exited the game and reopened it. I hit config, changed nothing, but hit the exit button to go back to the main menu and the music issue happened again. Has anyone else encountered this issue?
    • It was just out a few days ago
      "You are [insert your name here], an ordinary high school student, except you've got Love Live's Maki herself wrapped around your big dick in all her tsundere glory. One day she calls you to the music room, asking you for inspiration for a new tune. Unfortunately, you're not very good at music. Fortunately, you are very inspiring in bed."
    • >-- X change 2 | Spoilerless Review --

      Title: X Change 2
      vndb link: https://vndb.org/v128
      Length: 10-30 hours
      vndb description:
      my personal description:
      A bonafide dating sim that heavily focuses on fun and comedy and has a wide range of heroines and possibilities.
      and a dating sim can't get any closer than this one.
      this vn is for you if:
      1) you want a vn that is heavily influenced by your decission
      2) you love funny, school life, random logic vn
      3) you want multiple heroines
      4) you are tired of serious vn's
      5) you want tons of outcomes and endings
      6) you want boyish heroine
      this vn is not for you if:
      1) you wan't to play a vn with serious and deep plot
      2) you can't handle 90's art style and quality graphics
      3) you can't handle h-scenes

      Personal experience with this vn:
      Looking back to the prequel of this vn, X Change 1 or X change, this vn has obviously a huge improvement in comparison
      to its predecessor, both in content and system related stuff, which will be discussed later.
      i enjoyed this vn because it's dating sim mechanics, it really feels like legit interaction of a day to day life in the shoes of
      the protagonist, the weak point of this vn is probably that some heroine have less exposure than the others and makes
      you feel less attached to them, but other than that i really love the intertwining decision making which can't get any real
      than that.
      despite being a nikuge, this has a kinda well developed characters which is kinda unusual for a nikuge which focus heavily
      on H-scene, it is true that this has tons of H-Scene.. but it is very well placed.

      graphics:(x change 1 vs x change 2)
      in comparison to its prequel X Change 1 or X change, which was 1st released in 1997 in japan, the graphics Quality hasn't
      changed much, considering they are within the same decade, but whats improved was the number of cg and sprite animations
      which was more than doubled.
      Music, music is still a music typical of 90's... which also has an issue that will be discussed later in game issues portion.

      Voice Acting:
      this vn has been finally voiced. its prequel had no voice and at last they finally decided to voice it, and the voice of the protagonist
      indeed fits my expectation of her voice. the she delivered the speaking mannerism of the character well.
      story is practically basic then got complicated as F, thanks to certain events, which is what made it interesting plus the deep interaction
      Game issues:
      the issue here is related to music, i am not sure if this is related to my pc alone but i've checked the comment section of the download page,
      and it seems people have been getting extreme lag due to the games' mechanic on playing the OST's which are MIDI files.. i played this with an
      average spec pc: windows 7 64bit, 16gb ram I3-6100, GTX-750i and it still lagged. for a vn... that's kinda absurd... it is probably related to the
      OS since this was made for older Operating systems, i'm not sure if it will lag less on older os, but the others with lower spec computers probably
      experience a lag far worse than mine, i lagged for about 3 or 2sec when this vn changes ost or bgm.
      there is also a scene with one heroine that failed to load the ost bgm. which made the scene quiet as F, and it was an H-Scene part too.
      i'm not sure if this is a bug but this happened after 1 segment of the game, then the sounds never returned til i finished that heroines route.
      good thing is, when the sounds went away, that route was almost finished anyway..
      overall, i liked this vn more compared to xchange 1 which was 2hrs long. and this one had 10-30hrs of gameplay, and expanded the possibilities
      of the game outcome, but i would rate this one as 6(decent).

    • > - X Change spoilerless review -

      Title: X Change
      Vndb link: https://vndb.org/v43
      Length: 2-10 hours of gameplay
      Vndb Description:
      I was searching for a vn random unique vn's and i stumbled upon this vn... i checked vndb a bit and found out its quite old but it was short, so i gave it a chance and managed to finish the game 100% within half a day.
      my operating system:
      i played this on a windows 7 64bit OS and this was made for windows 95 i think?(it still runs on windows 7 64bit)
      this vn was 1st released in for japan in 1997, considering the current level of cg creation apps at that time and the trend art style at that time, i can say that this was quite beautiful for that time period.
      the music indeed feels like 90's and i played this 2017, and i must say, for me, it felt natural and fits the current scene well.
      my only problem is the occasional music bgm stutter, which is probably related to my operating system(or so i think)
      and another flaw for me is the bgm that actually ends and doesn't loop. it just loops for a little while then it ends, making the scene become silent. it feels like the music isn't actually looping, it feels like the music is just one long music. thankfully there's a music button in the interface so you can just manually press that and the song will play again every time the scene becomes silent. also, the music doesn't have a good exit when the scene ends, it just changes unnaturally.
      voice acting:
      this vn is a non-voiced vn
      well... the game is a nikuge and nikuge's are notorious for having an inferior story compared to non-nikuge vn's,
      this game lets you play as the heroine and lets you choose who the protagonist is. and maybe because of that and the short duration of the game, the character development is almost non-existent, even nikuge's somehow manage to establish who a character is. the story despite being kind of tragic on some parts, it's was delivered as happy and hilarious, which is a unique experience, that certainly gives a 90's feel.
      game system issues:
      not sure if this is due to the game being old but, it has no backlog and skips unred text, so once you've passed a certain dialogue the only way to re read that is by loading a save point
      overall i rated it as 4, since i rated it as a 2017 vn reader. but if i would rate this as a 90's vn reader, i would've gave it a 7 or an 8.
      i installed X change 2, the sequel of X Change and played for about 5mins, and thank got the interface imrpoved!
      it now has, backlog and voiced! I haven't checked it this vn skips only unred text, i hope it does
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