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  1. GenjiChan

    Koihime Enbu

    Is this game heavy? I check the system and hell minimum of 3gb RAM?!
  2. GenjiChan

    Koihime Enbu

    No playable male player?
  3. There is a RAW on torrent. There is also pure "scenes" only in mkv format. That's 3.2 hours of plot + banging.
  4. Tinklebell porn. Damn, this seems to be the biggest game I seen from them. They're famous for 3d futanaris and quite good.... but I fear it's not that long compared on what we seen on the size of the game.
  5. You could encounter at least 2 errors when trying to start the game. 1. You'll get an error regarding a .dll. Just close it and start again. 2. Second is in Japanese. Just close it and start again. The third try, you will be able to play it without another problem.
  6. Damn, the only option in the menu that works is START. It hangs if you click the others. If you managed to start the game.... the dialogues doesn't change but instead overlaps each other. Sucks..
  7. GenjiChan

    Beat Blades Haruka

    NO THREESOME tag? NO FUTANARI tag? *I watched and downloaded the whole OVA series
  8. Boner approves. Please, share the "saves".
  9. 1. Moe scenes and moe sex. Best description I can think of. It's Sono Hanabia after all ( Played every game). 2. I don't know. Can't feel the humor if already *cough having a boner *cough. 3. Kiss and lick. Toys are forbidden to this lewdest form of love. TIP* Sixty Nine scene end means you got all the choices right.
  10. GenjiChan

    Hara Miko Shimai

    Fuck multiple endings! Harem ending is the only and BEST CHOICE!
  11. GenjiChan

    Mizuki Island

    Scroll doesn't work (don't know about the fishing).
  12. Pink haired best girl!!!!! By the way, is there a working torrent of the game so that, if possible, use the patch here?
  13. GenjiChan

    Sakura Beach 2

    I-it's All Ages?! Nooooooo!!!!!!!!! Huhuhuhuhuhu!!!!!!!
  14. wait, I'm confuse now...... Chronicles 1 is day after Unlimited right? Chronicle 2's title says Alternative..... So this happen when..... Is this a parallel universe to that? And also "she" is alive!?
  15. Somebody tell me that "they forgot to change it to ADULT/YURI." This will be the worst Sona Hanabira ever! No SEX SCENE?! You kidding me?! Fuck!!!! SNH is all about girls kissing and licking each other's c*nt!!!!
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