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Android apk?

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Greetings everyone :) I found this site whilst searching for some ero for my mobile. sugars delight being the only one I've found that is made for android (apk file).


Was hoping someone could suggest other titles or any info that will help fill my phone with cuteness.


Thanks :)

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Having trouble with the search function here, just a noob who doesn't know what's what.


Trawling through the inter webs for similar content is proving to be rather difficult. Much easier if I had a PC, I know. But my old machine just died the other day.


Used to enjoy tinklebell :p bible black, ect ect. Fapworthy content on android is eluding me.

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Thanking you for the suggestion. Downloading now.


I understand the limitations Google puts on the marketplace, other sites offering more explicit content ask for cash and distribute nasty viruses, well the ones I found (besides here).


Nekosoft (sugars delight) seem to bypass the market setup and just distribute goodness via blogs and such. Any other teams out there putting out quailty / nude / ports?

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