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  1. [video=youtube;-iFZItWE1OY] for those of you that have ever ventured into competitive pokemon, you may understand these lyrics... but this damn beat is stuck in my head... so good
  2. some people just cant be honest with themselves (⌒◡⌒)
  3. that's exactly what it is. it gives some more info on the agave plant and the family but it IS the itagaki sisters route.
  4. showa style song in modern times.. stuck in head.
  5. 心ごと体ごと全部記憶の中の幻~♫ stuck in my head for such a long time now
  6. what in the world are you even talking about lol you do know that the agave route effects very little in majikoi S, right? only 1 route and 1 side, short route and that's it. well whatever, not only does the game have no true route, you don't need to even read agave route for the vast majority of Majikoi S.
  7. why do people keep calling this the true route? this game has no "true" route. thats one of this game's great points. also why we can have all those majikoi A additions
  8. Omi

    Android apk?

    this one time i was away from my comp for a while and got desperate, i bought Moe Cure Net and i loved it. it was short and sweet (▰˘◡˘▰)
  9. Omi


    You should check here. You need to install it first but last I heard, there was some progress on majikoi s.
  10. oh, and by the way I forgot to mention, but there is also this that you may want to check out. It seems to be better than back when i first saw it; there seems to be some more progress on there with Majikoi S.
  11. There's just so many decent nukigest out there that fit those very simple criteria you listed.. maybe you left something out? A simple search anywhere will lead you to good results. Anyway, Eroge!, Boob Wars 2, and Greatest Inventions are all good. We Love Master.. Maman Kyoshitu is a bit more fetishy but not bad. Then there's a whole sea of gangbang, tentacle rape, and other smut out there as well but I don't know which are good specifically from those.
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