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Okay the thing is I have sometime off of school and I need a deep, dark VN that I can sink into during that time. I have never posted in a forum before... ever. :o


So I am not quite sure if this is the correct place to being doing this, but I'm doing it. Anyways, you could say I am looking for something quite specific, so specific that perhaps it doesn't exist. However, I am willing to hear all recommendations, so be my guest to offer any suggestions you may have, it's better than nothing at all. Okay, so I will cut to the chase.

What I am looking for:


Type: Gameplay/ VN/ Eroge/ kinetic novel


Sexual content: I don't mind it, but is not necessary.

I don't mind yuri, yaoi or anything else. I welcome it all.


Atmosphere: Dark, this is a must, I just cannot possibly stomach another cheap, light- hearted, cheerful, nothing can go wrong story.


Violence: Is welcomed, doesn't have to be gory, but I won't oppose violent themes.


Language: English please... unfortunately I am not fluent in Japanese. (I wish)


Story: Keeps me interested and engaged. Doesn't have to be top notch, just enough to keep me around. (though something that completely lacks a story line is pointless, I won't be interested.) Also, I must admit I am a sucker for cheap thrills. (I can handle a slow start, but overall I prefer a fast paced story line)


Genre: Dark, horror, mystery, psychological, romance, drama, tragedy are welcomed.


Length: I prefer long stories that I can immerse myself into, however I will consider short games if they are worth the time.


I am going to list the games that I have played so far in order to give you guys an idea of what type of games I may be interested in and to help root out the ones I've already tried.


Games I have played:

Togainu No Chi (disturbing, but the atmosphere was intriguing)

Sweet pool

Swan Song

Bible Black


Dramatical Murder

Guilty Sin

Killer Queen (ending was dull)

Kara no Shojo


Remember 11


Divi dead

Yandere (No depth)

Saya no uta


Hadaka Shitsuji (Wow idk about this one)

Umineko no Naku Koro ni

(have yet to finish, started to feel a bit redundant, is it worth finishing?)

... The list goes on, but I'm sure you guys get the point.

So let the recommendations commence!



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Umineko no Naku Koro ni

(have yet to finish, started to feel a bit redundant, is it worth finishing?)





And I will recommend Cartagra to you. It wasn't much but since I saw you've read KnS, it's worth it... Especially with KnS2 is right around the corner...

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