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About Me

  1. Just joined the forum hoping to get a few recommendations for some h-games to look into. I'm not big into VNs (though I'd make exceptions for some with animated scenes), but like RPGs, adventure and zelda-esque games. So far I've played and enjoyed; - Fallen Makina - Melty's Quest - Lightning Warrior Raidy Anyone have some suggestions for other good H-titles similar to the ones above? Thanks!
  2. So I came across a game in ENGLISH GAMES LIST and found a game "So, I Hear You Like Sadistic Women"(https://erogegames.com/so-i-hear-you-like-sadistic-women-1258/) But it seems that the game is not translated. So I request for translation of this game. Also, I request for these games "(translated)" which I really want to play: Nyphomania Paradox Minako Kanade and the Ecchi worklife Oba-san's Saga Beloved Wife Insemination Aniyome wa Ijiparri (Aniyome wa Ijippari | vndb) Oku-sama wa Moto Yariman -Besluted- (Oku-sama wa Moto Yariman -Besluted- | vndb) Tsuma ga Kirei ni Natta Wake
  3. Hello, I am looking for games with grind, Strip poker, Dating Sims or something similiar for ero content Examples for games like these would be Shikoblu, Bukkake Ranch or Huniepop. Also, it should be in english ^^
  4. Is there any recommendation of good Japanese romance simulator games? Like Amagami and Kimi Kiss.
  5. Hey guys, i am looking for some english translate h-rpg recommendations. I am not looking for the genereic 0815 rpg maker games from which i already played a ton and i prob cant remember even a quarter of them, i am more looking for the games which are worthy to remember. I am talking about games like kamidori, bunny black, evenicle and so on. I tried to play himeragi some years ago but i got cancer reading the machine translation and wasnt able to get anywhere, other than that i played Arterial of Origins, and i liked that one too. Are there any other games from eushully fully/partialy/mach
  6. Hello guys, I am looking for some gender-bending games, I have played X-change series and Ying Yang first, Seitenkan. So if anyone knows more interesting similar games like those, please help me to find them. Thank You!
  7. What are the translated games from the Muv-Luv series?
  8. Sansha Mendan ~Rensa Suru Chijoku Choukyou no Gakuen~ was by far my favorite eroge game that i've played and am looking for translated games similiar to the style of it. I searched through all of the games Bishop has produced aswell, and they are all games I would definitely want to play as well but Sansha Medan is the only one translated to english (that Ive found so far). Are there any translated games similiar to Sansha Medan either by bishop or another producer that I'm missing out on? Is there some sort of tool that can be used to roughly translate games as I play through them, even if it
  9. Hey Everyone ive Been Playing and looking for horror, Disturbing Visual Novels ever since i played Doki Doki Literature Club, i always wanted a visual novel with creepy and unsettling atmosphere, maybe even a jump scare if possible VN games i played so far Stein-Gate (My Favorite VN of all time, however it isnt horror) Wonderful Everyday or *Subahibi* (best Horror VN, even better than DDLC) Higurashi (really great) Euphoria (eroge with scat but surprisingly Had some of the best Horror moments) Starless (the most disgusting game but enjoyed the play for lulz, thought it had
  10. Hello all, im new here. Probably irrelevent to know that, but there it is. I recently got a copy of touchable's shinshoku 3, got it installed, and tried to run it. To get the error message 1503. After some searching I found that the games needs an AlphaROM crack to run. Problem is, i cant figure out what any of that means or how it works. Help a guy out? Thanks.
  11. hey all is there a way to check if a game is censored or uncensored before downloading it? or a way to search for games by tag? im still pretty new to all this so i thought id ask. cheers!
  12. So I know this may sound weird, but hey this is my interest alright haha So what I want is an eroge where the mc can choose to submit to the bad woman. Like a route where the mc gets seducted and submit to the woman. My first example I think is like Discipline:Records of The Crusade . But the mc can actually choose to submit to the girl and join the social club, to be her slave or to be the headmistress slave, etc. Because in discipline the mc doesn't want to submit and keep on resisting to the end. Probably Bible Black is the closest to what I can find. With the Evil ending where the mc a
  13. I'm looking for games like honey select. Any suggestions ?
  14. Update your browser to use Google Drive - Google Drive Help your welcome
  15. I only recently (less than 6 months) discovered the joys of eroge. I've been going in blind and trying out games at a whim, but I've noticed that this often ends in disappointment or mediocrity. So, I figured I would ask the kind community of people who have played a lot of eroge if there is anything out there that might cater to my tastes. Obviously everyone has their different tastes, but I know there are games to cater to everyone. If you have a suggestion, a small description would be nice, too. Things I'd like to avoid: Rape. Not big on that. Especially if there's crying. Nothing will
  16. Yo, I'm a regular customer on bundle sites. As i saw that bundle thought maybe you guys are also interested. For the first 24 hours its 8,99$ and it includes the following games: EROGE! Sex and Games Make Sexy Games Sweet Sweat in Summer: The Naughty Girl and Her Ripe Scent Kuroinu Ch.1 Please Bang My Wife Orc Castle https://www.indiegala.com/erotic-escapades-bundle-anime-videogames-bundle
  17. Hey everybody, I've been playing eroge games for some time now. And as much as I like the VN style of the majority games, the most fun I have with those games is when they spice it up with some gameplay. I know, there are a lot of H-puzzle games out there but since most of em they don't have a story, I don't really care about them. So I wanna ask: Does anybody here have some recomendations for some good games? Interactive games i've played so far: Boob Wars Beat Blades Haruka Brave Soul Eiyu Senki: The World Conquest (my favorite one)
  18. If possible, can please you upload the official translation of the game Slave’s Sword Game Page – Kagura Games
  19. Hey:), since about 1 Week I searched for Eroge games I'd enjoy but unfortunately I haven't found anything I really enjoy. It's mainly because the Visual sex scenes just don't do it for me. Are there any games with some kind of Animation in the scenes? I really enjoyed flash games like Slave Lords of the galaxy in terms of Animation. Thanks for any suggestion
  20. I'd like to request these 2 games since they supposedly release today
  21. I would like to request Seiyuu Danshi by MeYaoi Games Here it's link for the game Seiyuu Danshi: 18+ BL/Yaoi Visual Novel / Dating Sim Game by Meyaoi Games
  22. i'd like to find some new pure love eroges with male MC. I played a lot of them and i want to see if you could have some games i have not played.
  23. Would love to get full versions of these 2 games. Ive played the demos and they seem quite interesting A VOYAGE TO BROBDINGNAG 2: A Voyage to Japan [i-Raf-You] | DLsite Adult Doujin Towa mo Nakaba wo Sugite (In the middle of the eternity) [i-Raf-You] | DLsite Adult Doujin If you have trouble starting the air file in brobdingnag 2 just turn back your clock before 2014 and it should validate the signature to start it
  24. My friend recently gave me a link to a nyaa.si site that has all the nighthawk games on it (it's raw as in Japanese subs not English). I am having a problem with actually playing a single game in the folder after I downloaded it through torrents. These are the problems that pop-up respectively when I try to run a game on it. In this case it is remote control girl. My computer is in Japan local and I running windows 10. I have also tried to turn off my real-time protection on windows defender security center and it shows the same things. I have also tried to restart my computer and tr
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