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  1. You can download with your phone, yes (I tried it several times in the past) but you can't directly play on Android. Well unless the VN you want to read is specified in the VNDS app list, you can use that app to read it (also, tried it once and it works) but VNDS has so little titles to play(and very long conversion time...*shudders*) Edit: Sorry, I was wrong. After a quick Google search, there are several ways to play VNs on Android. Here's the link: https://forums.fuwanovel.net/topic/1323-android-visual-novel-lets-play-visual-novel-on-the-go/ Note that I haven't try those methods
  2. The first paragraph of the error says something like this: "The data is corrupted/broken. Please re-install the program." The rest of the error explain the effect of choosing "yes" or "no" to the program... But I do not know the exact things it gonna do (don't know those kanji too well... sorry)
  3. Da Capo series should be good for you... Though the stories tend to be more on the romance rather than sex scenes... Snow Sakura is another good one... ef - a fairy tale of the two is a tear-jerker but it has some sexual content in it...
  4. lucifer193

    Tokyo Babel

    I have no issue with that... So... The problem might lies in the site you downloaded the game...
  5. Playing Rance 03: Fall of Leazus (even though it's not translated yet) because of many reasons... 1) It's a remake of the same title. So, I basically know the whole plot and where to go to advance the story... 2) Finally, a fully-voiced Rance game. Now I can hear Rance's "Gahahahahahaha"-ing intensifies... (Also, helps in understanding the story a little bit if you have basic Japanese...) 3) The gameplay. It's fast and challenging... And not to mention it's a grindfest. Reminds me of Rance Quest for some reason... 4) KANAMIIIIIIIN!!!!!!!!!!! http://www.otakulair.com/dir/uploads/
  6. lucifer193

    Tokyo Babel

    That's it. I'm downloading this game...
  7. There no translation yet but the VN is one of the Nitroplus' titles... It's gonna get translated sooner or later...
  8. This is not actually what the OP asked but I feel like sharing somehow... Watch from the very start if you want the full immersion of the story... But if you feel lazy, start watching from the 10-minute mark on the video and you'll know what I'm talking about... P/S: I feel like this is an effective method as an anti-piracy method... Thank God VN devs haven't realized this... YET... (or do they...?)
  9. lucifer193

    Bunny Black 2

    Doua is in the Sentry Spear dungeon... Not in the Spear of Thunder dungeon... Sorry that I was not being detailed earlier... Also, you'll need to return home after defeating her before meeting her again on the same floor of the dungeon for her to join you... [spoiler=For Dorothy and Ekate]After the Castle Baldaquin falls on top of Forzelotte Shrine, you'll need to go into the dungeon and return home several times (you may need to visit Rakia's Bar/Throne Room every time you returned though... I wasn't sure about this)... This is to trigger the events where both of them joining you... Jus
  10. lucifer193

    Bunny Black 2

    Yes... There are other unique units in the game... But most of them can only be acquired during the final stages of the story...
  11. lucifer193

    Bunny Black 2

    This guy may help you...
  12. lucifer193

    Bunny Black 2

    Get at least 2 healer in your party, preferably the hired fairy units... Invest the healers' skill points on increasing their SP and their speed/evasion (your choice between speed or evasion)... Get a unit that have ability "Selfless' or something similar like Werebear/Pigman. Invest their points in defense and HP... For Darx and Filliane, get them the skill "Crow" and "Wild Slash" since they are basically the tank units... After you get those, you can invest anything on their stats (Darx on attack and Filliane on defense since she has a penalty on her defense due to her ability...) F
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