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are there any visual novels with romance and alot of sexual content

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That description covers most of the VNs that are considered "long" in length. Of which there are many. I'd suggest being a bit more specific with what your interested in if you want good recommendations. For example what kind of setting (school, fantasy, sci fi). Do you want a novel with gameplay or do you care? What would you consider alot of sexual content? 10+ scenes? More? You looking for harem settings or not. That kinda stuff.

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Hmm I seem to remember that "Do you like Horny Bunnies" 1 and 2 starts almost form the start with sexual content ( the boss in 1 ) then it takes a little time until until you routes are confirm as to who you want where during the routes each day you can a little more. when your route are confirm you get much more content. hope it was not too much of a spoiler though :)


Critical Point I seem to remember also have a lot of sexual content and more then 30 ending and stories twist around depending on which route you take.

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