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    My name is Tachibana Yuuji, a regular student with no particular plans for the future - until my parents left for Hawaii on a business trip last fall, leaving me in the care of my uncle in the wintry countryside of Hokkaido.

    Small-town life on Japan's northern island didn't have time to get dull, as from the moment I got there I was reunited with my cousin and childhood friend Saki. She's pretty demanding, but when I'm hanging out with her and her school friends I don't mind; as I get close to them I feel like I'm finding meaning in life that I didn't know I was looking for.

    Legend says there is a flower that blooms here in the depth of winter... as the twilight deepens and a snowflake melts in the palm of my hand, I stand with a beautiful girl by my side. Will we be able to uncover its mystery in this fleeting moment?
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    1. Nekomataya's Avatar
      Nekomataya -
      This was the second eroge i ever played if you want a heart felt story with a little bit of drama and humor mixed in definitely give it a try!
    1. GenjiChan's Avatar
      GenjiChan -
      One of my favorite drama eroge.... drama...
    1. Shirogane's Avatar
      Shirogane -
      Just downloaded, but can't get game to go full screen, the game will not go full screen when i click full screen in the configuration options. I am on Windows 7. Then screen will stay the same windowed screen with a black background
    1. rexxracecar1's Avatar
      rexxracecar1 -
      What a great game this is, the story is really amazing with each one different in every way with some good comedy time to time while im playing. The conflict of the story in each character was was well put together i really did enjoy this game worth giving a shot.
    1. Slicer16's Avatar
      Slicer16 -
      Yes! Been looking for this game for hours now because i couldn't remember the name of it. Can't wait to play it again!
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