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Anyone play Life With A Slave -Teaching Feeling- ?

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Best to use a guide, google it, game has only one good ending and it's hard to obtain. Dev is a sadist.


Don't rape her, treat her well and feed her every day, cheesecake i think it was. Also cum inside her every night once you warmed her up to you. (optional)


To get drugs you need to have gotten the market scene with the sicko who sold her to you in the first place. Other herbs you get by exploring the forest, if i remember correctly.

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wait, there's an ending? i thought this game is just endless patting simulator.


As far as I know there is an ending planned in which the Doctor marries Sylvie.


The only other ending is achievable by giving Sylvie "The smallest portion" not buying her cute clothes, and ordering her sandwiches instead of Pancakes or outright molesting her when the option is available.


Otherwise yes, the game is currently an endless headpats simulator.

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