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Betting pool on release date for VN "Hello Lady!"

Will the VN "Hello Lady!" make it's scheduled 2020 release?  

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  1. 1. Will the VN "Hello Lady!" make it's scheduled 2020 release?

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Because I'm bored, I'm starting a poll on whether or nor the VN "Hello Lady" (Hello Lady! | vndb) will make it's stated release date of "2020", which we are rapidly running out of, as posted on vndb.org.


If I set this up right, the poll will automatcially close on December 31 since we will have our answer one way or another by then anyways. Also, I've set the poll to public, so people will be able to see what you voted.


Click on either of the number of votes for yes or no to see who voted for what.


(vndb.org still lists "2020" as the release date as of when I wrote this, October 17, 2020, 4:49 PM EST.)


Update November 1st, 9:49 PM EST: I don't know specifically when they changed it, but the release date listed on vndb.org is now "TBA".

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Well, looks like the company behind this title is throwing in the towel for a 2020 release. I don't know specifically when the changed it, but vndb.org no lists "TBA" as the release date.


Yeah it was me who switched the release date to "TBA". VNDB is a user-driven VN database, meaning just about anyone can add/edit almost any info there, not necessarily the staff from any official company/publisher.

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