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  1. Throbbin Hood


    Wow, what a... uhhh.... clever title.
  2. Throbbin Hood

    Study § Steady

    Wow, two of us noticed it before Omega. He's slipping!
  3. Throbbin Hood

    Sexorcist Academy

    Sounds way too rapey for my tastes.
  4. Throbbin Hood

    Sugar * Style

    This one looks to combine some of my favorite features. Good art, a story that isn't based around high school, and no strange fetishes like piss drinking. Definitely gonna give it a shot.
  5. Lol, i love how things like artificial insemination are never considered as options in these stories.
  6. Throbbin Hood

    9-nine- Episode 4

    Ooh, been waiting for this one. First chapter was bland, but the subsequent ones have been decent.
  7. This title first noticed before Outpost Omega J. All other details irrelevant.
  8. This title first noticed before Outpost Omega J. All other details irrelevant.
  9. Looks interesting. Haven't had anything story heavy for a while, and I was getting bored of the recent mostly vanilla titles.
  10. Yeah, not a lot of games in that vein get translated to English, as most fan translations are made to cater either to fan preferences, or the tastes of the translator themselves. MangaGamer hasnt really touched on it much either. Like Napo, I can't think of any that were released in English other than what you played, off the top of my head. Still, good luck!
  11. Throbbin Hood

    Kawakaburi No Cherry

    You just necroposted a thread that hasn't seen a post in 4 years. Long dead. Regardless, a syntax error when trying to boot up VNs can usually be fixed by going into your system setting and changing your locale to Japanese.
  12. Maybe a team of rookies? If there's one thing I know about coding, it's that even stuff that should be simple, cut and dry programs can be a huge bugger to fix if a small but tough to notice error was made. It could also just be a blanket excuse for a delay in general. Rather than explain why, just drop the term "intricate bug'" and assume no one will question it. That's no excuse, of course, but it would explain a lot.
  13. I doubt you'll find the 18+ steam patch here, but the site does have the full, uncensored version up for download anyway. https://erogegames.com/song-saya-514/
  14. I am quite familiar with Steins;Gate, actually. I've definitely seen and loved the anime. I've actually got it on my to-do list. And I definitely enjoy both story driven and nut-busting VNs.
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