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So today I found a brand new monstergirl manga, and felt it'd be best to share here and start some kind of compilation effort.


Centaur's Worries 1 - Read Centaur's Worries 1 Online - Page 1


Centaur Worries, I just started it and didn't hear anything about the story beforehand. So far it seems to have yuri undertones and the actual monster representation seems a tad lackluster but the characters seem decent so far and its not as "fanservicey" as most monstergirl stuff you see. (Chapter 1, i've seen only centaurs, imps, angels and satyrs.)


モンスター娘ã®ã„る日常 | Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou


I'm sure anyone in this group is already reading this, so I thought i'd put the link just in case.

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