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  1. Kinda true, while the endings do match the whole yandere theme, i would really have enjoyed a good ending for at least one of them
  2. Strange, from what i heard about the uncensored patch, i thought the game translation from moenovel kinda sucked but the restored scenes were pretty good translated, was i wrong?
  3. Just finished the download, it's the jap version. But thnk anyway
  4. Sure I'm thankfull, but isn't this the untranslated version?
  5. Yeah, i can't seem to find any torrent for this game, and usually no matter how crappy the game was u could always find one. I guess this shows the quality of the game.
  6. Pasa, props for having u're eroge shortcuts on the desktop, and also great choice of games.
  7. For some maybe, don't really need a pallate cleanser, just that it seemed to have a lot of characters and the story didn't seems to be as dumb as the first one. And btw the age of the flat-chested tribe is long gone, u should bow before the true power of big breasts.
  8. Don't know if anyone is reading this post anymore but if u are, i'm sure u're gonnna love "12 Beast"
  9. The first one sure, but this one seem to have a little more content, and maybe a somewhat good story.
  10. Just like the title, does anyone have a torrent for the game?
  11. i also have a little prob with toushin 2, i don’t know if it’s just my mistake but it seems i can’t open any chests, every time i try to click on a chest i get the denied sign, even on the second floor of the qualification dungeon i can’t click the white thing at at the bottom.
  12. does anyone know how to move the skills from storage, i had them in my storage when i identifed them, and know i can't use them
  13. yeah and i would, but it was just my mistake so i was kind of emberassed by it, unchecking the skip unread and using the skip from menu works fine, sry to waste u're time.
  14. i need a little help,like the title, my problem is that when i'm playing eien no aselia and use want to skip read only text the game skip everything i tried ctrl, using the skip button from the menu, checking and uncheking the "skip unread" but still no change, can someone plz give me and advice.
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