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  1. Hey, your birthday is just 2 days apart from mine! What a coincidence

  2. >Violet Evergarden >Good Pick one
  3. Does that mean the fan tl got shutdown? Im sick of shit like that happening.
  4. Did Subahibi ever get finished while I was away for a while? I was really hyped for that.
  5. You could try another Illusion game called Artificial Girl 3. It doesnt look as great as AA2 but it has free roam and decent character customization. 3D custom girl 2 also has free roam, which the first game didnt. Another good 3D H game is Custom Maid 3D, which is similar to 3D custom girl but with maids,
  6. Was Subahibi ever translated or am I just really behind
  7. Keep in mind making another account takes about 5 minutes. Than again I havent made an account in like 3 years so idk if registration has changed.
  8. Im sure a few of us already have some alts *cough* but that would be unfair
  9. Plz no http://puu.sh/mKI8w/84c755e69e.png plz
  10. About as long as it takes me to cum in your mother
  11. Noble Works more like Snoring Works
  12. Not exactly from the anime but w/e http://i.imgur.com/Ccacg3s.gif
  13. Happy birthday Yachi!

    (and good luck with Ranked games next season~)



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