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Looking for a title of a game I previously played

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Hi everybody !


I remember playing an eroge some years ago (I would say between ten and four years), but in the meantime my computer crashed and I lost all my data. Now, I am struggling to find the title of this game I really enjoyed playing, and I hope you can help me in my quest !


From what I remember, it was a harem-like game. The main (male) character was somehow in a city with lots of women around, each one with a specific job (baker, sorcerer, guard). The over whole context was medieval-like. The MC needed to seduce them in order (I am not sure here) to reach a certain level or to get some ingredients in order to succeed a global quest (I think it was about leaving the village).

The city looked like a big village, with a park inside. I think there was also a female ghost in this park, he needed to somehow free her. There was also one of the last women to seduce which was a farmer and he ended up with her disguised as a cow, perhaps even milking her (could have needed her milk for his quest).


This is about everything I remember about it. I thought that there was the word "city/town/village" in the title, but my research with those words came unsuccessful. So, if my description rings a bell, please let me know ! 🙇‍♂️


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