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How do I update "Wars and Roses"?

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I just got done downloading and extracting Wars and Roses:



The .rar archives contain three folders, "WarsAndRosesV1.050", "UpdateV1.060", and "UpdateV1.070". The V1.060 contains an updater, but when i run it, it can't automatically find whatever it's looking for to know where to apply the update files, and it's not given me and hints on where to point it. I've tried copying and pasting it into several likely places in the "WarsAndRosesV1.050" folder but it still hasn't found what it's looking for. Does anybody know where I need to copy and paste it to, or where to point it to manually?

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Finally got it to cooperate. Manually point the V1.060 updater to


<DRIVE LETTER>:\...\WarsAndRoses\WarsAndRosesV1.050


where the "WarsAndRoses" folder is the top most folder layer that came out of the .rar archives. It doesn't seem to be able to find it on it's own even if you copy and paste the updater to that location.


I'm assuming that the V1.070 updater will work the same. (Yeah, I know, by making that assumption, I just shot my self in the foot. It won't work the same.)

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