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This game that i can't remember the name of...

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There was this eroge game about a weeb (MC) dating a cosplayer. One specific scene i remember is that they were having sex in a loading truck *iirc* but it had one sided glass on it, so while they were seeing everyone on the outside, no one was able to see them inside having sex. This is really all the things i remember about the game and no matter how much i searched i couldn't find it and didn't know who to ask to... I hope someone will be able to help. (Also the game was in English if that makes anything easier)

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I'm not sure what a "weeb" is, though I'm guessing it's something less than flattering, but this title does involve a cosplayer and the H-scene you described. The title has two routes, a "sweet" and a "spicy" route, and the scene you describe takes place late game on the "spicy" route. It's been a long time since I played this one, so I'm not sure, but I think that's it's the last H-scene on that route.


vndb.org: Momoiro Closet


This website:


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