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Walkure Romanze - Use of Japanese Honorifics

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I'm about 2.5 routes through Walkure Romanze and it just occurred to me that I find the use of Japanese honorifics to be suspect in this instance, not just in the translation, but in the original Japanese version* as well. The setting is in a fictional (<-- I think) European city. Europeans would not be using Japanese honorifics. As such, the only time they potentially should be showing up in the dialogue is when either the protagonist or Akane are speaking as their characters are actually Japanese. Even then, the use of Japanese honorifics could still be viewed as suspect. Neither character is actually speaking Japanese in the internal logic of the story even if the text on screen you the player is reading is in Japanese and the protagonist has been living in the country already for several years. As such the protagonist at least should be reasonably fluent in and used to the linguistic conventions of whatever language they are actually speaking, although Akane might have been living there for a far shorter time, so it's understandable that Japanese honorifics slip regularly into her speech.


*I'm assuming the original Japanese version used honorifics based on the fact that one of the two version of the English patch "keeps" the Japanese honorifics.

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